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Today’s Lie: You’re Normal

The Bull 3I think many of us like to consider ourselves “normal”.  We strive to fit into society by dressing like everyone else, reading the paper so we can talk about the same subjects as everyone else, we learn to speak the same (figurative or literal) language as those around us….


all in some global attempt at normalcy with the hope we will be accepted by our colleagues, our friends, and our families.


The BustThe truth is, there is no normal!  Who the hell coined that phrase?  WE ARE ALL WEIRD!  And, dammit, we should be proud of it! It is our weirdness that makes us human, and vulnerable.  That vulnerability is what allows other people to connect with us at much deeper levels than they otherwise could.

Plus, if you are an entrepreneur, then you know full well that it’s what makes you different that sets you apart from other businesses, and allows you to stand out in the field. Ironically, in this place, trying to be normal, and fit in, actually makes you less successful!  Being unique and faithful to your “inner nut” is what, in the end, allows everyone else’s inner nut, tuned into the same station as yours, to want to work with you!

And, I have to wonder, if you have to try being, not you, to fit in at work, with friends, and with family, then how is THAT normal?  You’re just depriving the rest of us in rejoicing with you in relief that you’re a nut, too!



  1. lol at the caricature

    • I loved it, too. ;-)

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