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Today’s Lie: You Can’t Do Business Until Your Website Is Ready

The Bull 3Picking up on last week’s post, this is another story I hear from lots of business owners, especially service-based ones.  “I can’t drive people to my website until it’s ready and looks better.”  This then turns into the belief that your business must come to a stand-still until your website is ready.  And, of course, you have to hire someone to make it for you, and since you don’t have any clients yet, you have to find some other way to pay for that person until your website can go public and then you can finally welcome that steady stream of instant success that happens to every business owner as soon as they launch their website….


The BustUm, did you just go “bullshit!!”?  Good if you did!  So, first, I hate to tell you this, but your website, on it’s own, doesn’t do jack crap for you.  Why?  Because the fact that you put it on the internet does not in itself mean that anyone, not even one single, solitary, other human besides you and your web designer, or even dog, or bug, knows that it’s there.  Second, this notion of a “perfect” website has to be thrown in the garbage.  Look at MSN, Google, Microsoft, and all the other huge corporations out there.  Even THEY change and update their website  throughout the year.  Our image is constantly evolving, so if you believe you can, at one moment in time, pinpoint a moving target, you’re going to miss the mark.


So, what do you do if you’re starting up and worrying about your website?  Stop worrying!  Instead, drive people to connect with you on channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.  You can start talking about your mission and values, and activities there, and, when you finally do get that website up, now you will have a bunch of people actually following you to let them know about your spectacular website!

Aim for “good enough” instead of perfect.  I may piss some of you off with this one, but your perfection mantra is potentially holding off publication of great content and inspiration that we need.  Why are you depriving us for the sake of perfect images and paragraph placement on the page? More importantly, save yourself the thousands of dollars it will potentially cost you to find the right web designer, and just get a website!  It can even just have your contact information to start, and some blog posts.  Often times, I find business owners shocked to learn that their ” no-frills website” gets compliments, and is liked by people that are, wait for it, reading their blog posts and checking out their site!  Also, as your business develops, you will want to give your website a MAJOR makeover.  Especially in year one, don’t invest tons of money in your site because as your mission and work gets clearer, your website will need to get more clarity too.

Focus on core activities that bring in business.  Especially at the start of your business, get out there and network, make cold calls, make warm calls, speak – do all those activities that put you in front of people as a priority and let your clients guide you on how your website will look, the content it needs, and your own flare.

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