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You Were Born to Work

workaholicThe Bull 3

Though you probably know today’s lie is full of bull, many of you reading this know full well that you are working for a living, and not doing much playing.  You have come to believe there is a “time and a place” for fun, and it definitely doesn’t belong at work, in most cases.

You spend most of your day doing stuff for other people – chores at home, deadline-critical projects at the office….you do errands at night, maybe work a second job because you need to in this economy, and if someone, like me, dares imply that you should play more, you think we’re nuts, and that “we just don’t understand reality.”  You might have had a dream at some point, but it’s been crushed by years of slaving away for a paycheck.

Worse yet, have you noticed that you are like a lemming in line for a subway, a train, or a freeway exit following all the other people who have been trained to focus their time and attention on a day job, which they, too, might hate?


The BustWell, listen up!  You are not on this earth to fill your days and nights with nothing but work!  You came in crawling to get to your favorite toys, cried when they were taken away, loved testing limits, and laughing at your parents.  You had recess and naps at school, found museums and zoos fascinating, imagined everyone else’s popcorn belonged to you (ok, sorry, inserting personal experience…), did somersaults in the office, danced on chairs and tables,….at what point did you get this idea that growing up meant no time to play?

More awful – if you do a search for a Google image of “happy play” you will see that it’s mostly children!  Where are the ADULTS who are happily playing?  And, you’d believe that the only kind of “Adult Play” is either about sports or sex?  NO WONDER WE ARE SO CONFUSED!!

We were born to do something special and unique – that may actually be a different purpose for each one of us!  Rather than work our lives away to fit into a societal norm that would have us believe the ONLY way to make money, get health benefits, and secure a great retirement is by working away your best years, I say it’s time to PLAY!  Not just on weekends, but every day.

So, put down whatever you are working on right now, and do a proverbial skip down to the elevator or staircase, and GO OUTSIDE and find something silly to do.  And if it’s winter where you are reading this from, put on a coat and hat and go outside anyway!silly1


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