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Today’s Lie: You Can’t Afford Time Off

The Bull 3This happened to me recently, so I have to bet I’m not alone out there! I’ve got projects, I’ve got deadlines, I’ve got goals, I’ve got actions that must be done….so when I found myself with no BullBuster mojo, I fell into a slump. It went something like this:

I mean, shit, I’m the BULLBuster, after all.  How am I not busting my own bull, and why is it not happening faster?  I don’t have time to be devoid of creative energy, I need to focus and get the job done, and get out there, and damn it, I gotta get it done right, and right now!  Move it!

All these negative thoughts of my lack of energy and mojo kept building on themselves.  I tried to sit in front of the PC and make it happen.  I stared at the screen and felt worse.  I went to a networking event and got bored listening to myself talk.  I thought about putting together a workshop and no inspiration came, I got on my weekly mastermind call and it seemed like every week I said, “I didn’t get anything done, let’s just skip me this week”….

The BustAnd then it hit me! I was mojo-less, and trying to force the mojo, which was all because underneath that, I thought I would be a failure if I didn’t get my shit done immediately.  Trying to force it was completely uninspiring because it kept me trapped in noticing what I lost, and that made me feel worse.  Once I decided to accept that my lack of mojo pointed to a need to take a break, and actually TAKE it, I was more aligned within myself.  That allowed me to drop everything, and be ok with it.


Instead of beating myself up, I slid into enjoying the present moment, and not worrying about the impact on my future.  I skipped a blog post, and everyone survived!  And, over time, my mojo came back!  I realized that to try

and develop my business with no mojo would be disappointing to EVERYONE. I would be unhappy with my work, and my clients would end up disappointed because I didn’t give them my best.  That wisdom served me well, because once my mojo came back, it informed and energized everything I touched.

So, if you’re out there realizing that you don’t quite feel yourself this week, or this month, try something new:

  • Be in the present and let go of the pressure to “do stuff without your mojo” 
  • Realize that the world will not end if you take some time off to care for yourself
  • Focus on something that makes you happy, rather than on the lack of mojo.  It’s counter-intuitive, I know, but letting your mojo find you is much quicker and uplifting than trying to force it!

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