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I help small businesses make marketing fun!  I do this by developing your marketing strategy around your passion and personality.  This allows you to be the most authentically aligned with your business, and to eliminate your competition – when you are selling and marketing from your uniqueness, you don’t have any competition!

Business owners often come to me frustrated with a lack of sales opportunities, and wanting to know what to do to generate more leads and more revenue.  They come from a place of frustration and overwhelm at the lack of results in their marketing.  My work with them starts by tapping in to what lights them up, and whether or not they are aligned with that part of themselves.  The other instrumental part of our work together is personality-based-marketing – that’s about getting in touch with your marketing personality, so we can create a marketing strategy that you’ll actually get done!  It is my experience that the biggest cause of low client attraction, and ineffective marketing, is a lack of personal passion alignment.

I will challenge you to change yourself to create the change that you want to see in your business and your life.

What I know about my impact on clients is:

I lead my clients to obtain results, transform, connect to their passion, inspire and motivate them, and I love it!

First, you should know I am passionate about helping people step into their greatest potential.  One result of working together is that we get to connect with “the unconventional you” that you may have lost touch with in your  life.  The types of frustrating marketing issues I help clients with are :

 a low client attraction rate, and how to transform that into more business

 fear and overwhelm of marketing or selling

    how to distinguish your business from others doing something similar – how to stand out in the field!

    why your website is not generating leads

    how to prioritize the marketing activities that generate revenue vs waste your time

   getting to the root of why your marketing isn’t working, and why you are not generating as much business as you want

   strategies to get more leads and make more money

launching a new business and understanding the right steps and the right order to create business leads and generate revenue

creative strategies to re-launch a business that has reached a plateau, or revamp a marketing strategy that is no longer serving you

 developing the right pricing and strategic offer for a service or product

 assistance navigating the American marketing culture if you’re from another culture and trying to reach potential customers, but struggling to maintain your identity


You may want to read about my BullBuster Marketing Methodology by clicking here to get familiar with my program.




Feel free to use the button anyplace you see it below to set up time with me to discuss any of these packages by selecting the “Complimentary Interview” option.  There is NO CHARGE for the information discussion:

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 Packages.  Click each tab below to obtain details.

Breakthrough : finalThis is for you if you are stuck in your marketing efforts and need a quick motivating kick in the pants to get you back on track:

  • You’ve tried a bunch of different marketing strategies and none of them are working
  • You’re feeling completely frustrated by all the choices out there and need some help focusing your marketing efforts
  • You know you need to do something different, but you can’t quite figure out how to make it happen

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If you want more support to take your business to the next level, then the BullBusting Business Bounty VIP program is for you.  Not only will your business get the kickstart it needs (and you may need a kickstart even if you’ve been in business for years!), but we’ll work together to create the systems and programs you need to maintain loyal clients.

Click here for more details, or use the button below to schedule a BullBusting Strategy Session (requires application to be completed before your interview.)


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Boost your business passion by going through the entire Personality-Based-Marketing program!  Align with your deepest authenticity, passion, and integrity and align them with your marketing strategy. This is for you if Knocking down hurdles

  • You realize you are more than just your business and want a program that sees you as an entire person, not just a business owner
  • You want your prospects to see how different you are from your competitors
  • You yearn to connect more deeply with the parts of yourself that make you feel most excited and alive, and you are intrigued by the idea of bringing these parts of you into your marketing strategy
  • You want to overcome the hurdles keeping you from developing a kickass marketing strategy that gets more clients, and increases your revenue
  • You want a program that offers fun and creative ways to address challenges and transform blocks into action steps to success
  • You are ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty to transform yourself and your business
  • You enjoy learning from others as much as having attention on yourself (this program can be completed over time, or if you want to do it all at once, check out the VIP Program)

Session length varies depending on your needs and number of participants (offered as individual and group programs) – the goal is to get you engaged in the steps, and onto a successful plan and implementation.   The core program is completed over 8 weeks, and then participants have the option to work individually with Heather to integrate their learning, or choose to work on their own.

Use the button below to set up a BullBusting Strategy Session to see if Personality Based Marketing is right for you!

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Client Experiences


matt velez-sm“My experience with Heather was powerful and definitely life-changing. Heather has a unique ability to call-out whatever “bullshit” she sees and invites you to examine how it impacts your life. By truly facing my bullshit, I found myself in a better position to understand how I have been affected and limited over the years. With Heather as my coach, together we were able to implement a plan to move past my mess. Sure I did all the work, but it was great having Heather there to offer support, encouragement, and truly champion my effort. Without a doubt, I have conquered much in such little time, that whenever I am challenged with a “bullshit” situation… I immediately rely on my inner power discovered with Heather to go forward.

No bullshit! Heather is a fantastic coach! :)


Matt Velez,


PJHeather’s laser sharp inner vision helps her see right to the heart of any matter. She then breaks it down into workable, bite-size bits and presents them clearly in an empowering manner. Her passion for her work and her infectious can-do attitude cannot help but inspire. She’s been a valuable business sounding board for me, offering a fresh perspective and practical no-nonsense suggestions. Her coaching clients have truly found someone both well-suited and equipped for the job – she’s a natural!”

PJ Hughes, NYC

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Refund Policy


My goal is your satisfaction. If for any reason you don’t feel satisfied with my services, simply let me know within 30 days from your date of purchase. Just ask, and you will receive your refund back to your credit card within one week of your request.

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