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What’s True For You Is True For Me Too

You ever notice how when we seek advice, we often get sold on someone else’s experience?  We might want guidance on a loan, a business venture, whether to take or quit a job….inevitably, someone we love and trust will tell us what they think we should do, and give us proof of why we should make that choice, based on their own life experience.  We then believe that’s the right choice, because, if our trusted loved one had a certain experience, we believe them wiser than us, and let ourselves be talked in, or out, of our ideas.

Here’s the thing, we are each unique.  So, how, then is it possible that the path that someone else has followed will end up the same for us if we decide to follow it, too?

What someone else views as mistakes, could become your greatest opportunities.  Where someone else feels they failed, might be your path to success.  The opposite, of course, is true, too.  

Now, we all have mentors and teachers, which is a great thing.  It’s important to gain perspective.  Those who have coaches are in an amazing place because rather than advise you, they see you, and help you discover paths and ideas you might not be aware of.  Be aware of the difference between advice and guidance, and see what feels right.

For myself, I find that when I lose my voice and sense of what I want in a situation, that’s a clue for me that the person “advising me” is telling me their own personal truth or desire for me, rather than attempting to see me and guide me to the best place for me.  This is where I am learning to ask more questions and step back because whenever I have allowed myself to believe and follow someone else’s guidance despite the loss of my voice, it’s led me to feel suffocated, rather than alive.  And, like you, I want to live fully!

So for 2013, screw advice!  Seek out people who see you and listen to you.  Relish the people that crave your “zaniest”, “craziest” ideas, the “weirdest” parts of your personality, and believe you can accomplish what you have, up to now, dreamed of in secret.  The path might not be linear, or easy, but tapping in to your personal place of gold is worth the journey!

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