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What’s BullBusting?

The art and science of BullBusting is about gaining awareness of the fears and thoughts you have which are leading you to have the exact opposite experience of the one you want.  By becoming aware of these fears, you can then bust them, and step into empowered action.

Please see full definition below.


Bull-Busting  also  Bull-Bust | Bull-Busted | Bust Bull

Definition of BULLBUSTING —————————————

action verb

1     a: the art of busting one’s bullshit <I BullBusted my belief that I am a procrastinator>

b: DISPROVE  <the process of BullBusting, admitting one’s own internal stories are lies that keep one stuck in limbo>

c: FESS UP  <busting one’s bull by having the guts to admit you’re responsible for your own life and taking action to create one you’re happy with>

2:  Teasing or Making fun of a bull.  <Thinking you can stand in a corral with a bull and wave a red flag without getting your a$$ kicked>

3:  Having the guts to take the “How Much BullBusting do I Need” Survey. <click here, if you think you’re up for the challenge>

4:  Listening to entertaining podcast series about how to Bust your Bull.

5:  The act of signing up for BullBuster Boot Camp to jump into action on Busting one’s Bull


  • He got BullBustedwhen he realized his anger at his boss was actually anger he had towards himself
  • She wished her boyfriend would Bust his Bullinstead of making excuses to stay in the job he hates
  • He got a dose of BullBusting and has completely transformed his life for the better


Created by Heather Markel, The BullBuster.

First known use, 2011.


Synonyms: having the courage to face yourself in the mirror, being authentic, living in integrity, taking responsibility for your life

Antonyms: pussy-footing around, making excuses, blaming other people for things that you hate about your life

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