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Today’s Lie: Your Dreams Are Unrealistic

The Bull 3





Who out there HASN’T been told, at some point, that your dreams and ideas are “unrealistic”?

Whether we are talking about the kind of dreams you have when you go to sleep, or the ones you fantasize about during the day, have you noticed that if you tell most people your ideas they simply write them off as unrealistic?  As if the very fact you have dared to dream is against the grain of society and you better stop doing that right now or you’ll go cross-eyed!

For many of us, we learn to keep those dreams to ourselves, consider them one to file in la-la land while we drift through life dreaming about “if only” and “what if” and never daring to create the dream because, well, that would just be too crazy for everyone we know!


The BustThis cracks me up because, first off, why on earth would anyone dream about something realistic?  Isn’t the whole point of dreams to introduce ideas and concepts that are a little wacky and out there?  And, for that matter, the only reason we refer to something as unrealistic is because the dream or idea hasn’t yet been introduced to reality!  But, if you buy into the idea that just because it’s not here today, it’ can’t be real tomorrow, then shame on you!

Because, in effect, by NOT daring to create what you dream, you are simply making life easier for everyone else around you. dream2 If you dare step up and try to make your dream a reality, and, oh my, what if you SUCCEED at doing it…well, you’ve just completely contradicted the belief-system of all those people around you that were POSITIVE you wouldn’t succeed!  And, well, we can’t go messing up their belief systems now can we?  ;-)  YES WE CAN!

So, if you consider yourself a “crazy dreamer” and find yourself surrounded by people that don’t believe in you – here’s what you should try – surround yourself with new people who DO believe in you!  You don’t have to shut out all the other people you love, you just need to talk about your dreams with a new audience – the one that will help you turn them into reality.  Because, in the end, the only one preventing or allowing the birth of your dreams is you – so stand up and let the dreams become reality!


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  1. Lots of people have achieved their dreams or conquered formerly impossible feats and continue to enjoy the possibilities of new challenges. These people will all tell you there’s nothing more gratifying than the thrill of your greatest challenge – making your dreams a reality. The inherent bruises and pains along the way are simply mile markers on your trip to the finish line.

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