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Today’s Lie: I Need to Keep My Crappy Job For the Health Benefits

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For those of you in a job you hate, how many times have you said, “I need the job for the benefits,” or something like that?

This is such a fun and ironic lie that needs to be BullBusted!  The story goes something like this:

“I need to get, or keep, a shitty job I hate, in which I’ll never be promoted or get the salary I deserve, because it gives me health benefits.  If I don’t have health benefits, I can’t afford my medical bills.  If I can’t afford my medical bills, I can’t stay healthy.  If I can’t stay healthy, I can’t work.  If I can’t work, I have no way to support myself….”



The Bust


Take a look at your paycheck! Have you noticed that you are LOSING money every year, all to keep your crappy job, for health benefits?  Your health cost contribution is RISING every year, and you are making out worse every year by holding on to that paycheck.

work sickHere is the best part!  If you are suffering from any health issues, they probably stem from, either, stress and disappointment from spending so much time in a job you hate, or sitting down all day in front of a computer with bad posture, to complete the tasks of the job you hate.  So, your crappy job is making you UNhealthy, oh, but thank goodness you have health coverage to pay for the doctor!  And the more you depend on this crappy job, the sicker it makes you, and thus the bigger become your health concerns, and the more expensive your doctor bills, all helping you “prove” to yourself that you need this crappy job to survive!


And the real kicker is, if you did work you loved, you’d be less stressed, more happy, and that would make you less sick, and then you’d need the doctor less!

Do you see the power we have in our own life?  We can so easily justify ourselves into a loophole that disempowers us from even trying to live differently because we’ve already proven the outcome to ourselves, which in turn, makes it easy to justify doing NOTHING to try and make ourselves happy!  Apparently, we prefer to bitch and moan about having a crappy job, and be surrounded by other people complaining about theirs.  Really???

If you’re ready to step into a more courageous place in your career, here are some tips to help you do it:

  1. Ask yourself why you’re at this job, still.  What are you receiving that you believe you can’t live without?
  2. Get creative and make a list of other ways you could obtain those needs, outside your current job.
  3. Figure out how to take action on turning your list into a reality
  4. Set up a complimentary BullBusting session to hone in these steps and boot the bull standing in your way!


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