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Today’s Lie: “I Can’t Create a Facebook Fan Page”

It’s the beginning of a new year, so what better time to confront your technical bull and create that Facebook fan page!  And, introducing the newest bull in the BullBusting herd, here to help you overcome your fear of technology!  ;-)

The Bull 3


You think social media is overwhelming, and that you don’t have time to manage it, so you either don’t bother with any of it, or you go on Facebook once in a while, let everyone know you are standing on line for coffee and they ran out of skim milk, your day is ruined…..or you know there are some strategies out there, but can’t figure out how to apply them.
The BustSocial media can be overwhelming if you try to do everything.  But, hey, you don’t have to!  Check out today’s video to learn how to set up your BUSINESS fan page, and why you want it.  Next week’s video will show you how to use it.

No more social media overwhelm!  :-)

Check out the video below (if you can’t see it, click here to access it) and get a walkthrough of the steps and see how easy it is!!


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