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Today’s Lie: “I Am Not”

I am NOT(This image is from a Vimeo feed by the Iamnot org.) The words we think and say aloud carry a lot of power.  Some of the strongest I know are “I’m not” and “I am“.

We carry around a lot of I’m not’s:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not tall enough
  • I’m not thin enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I’m not where I want to be in life
  • I’m not capable of having what I want
  • I’m not happy.
  • I’m not young enough
  • I’m not old enough
  • I’m not good-looking enough
  • I’m not enough.

And when we sink into these I’m not thoughts we end up believing them and we end up constructing our daily lives around them and then our longer-term lives are structured around what we believe we are not.  We end up sad, unhappy, even miserable, and we console ourselves by saying “I’m not xxx enough” and that’s what led to my unhappiness.

As if we have no power!!!!! And yet, it was the power of our negative thinking that led us to behave in a way that created the lack in our lives, and we think we are blameless and victims to the situations that make us unhappy???  We should recognize how POWERFUL we are!!!

And once we recognize the power of our thoughts, we can change them from “I’m not”, to “I AM”.

Think about the power of I AM. Just the words I am.  Say them out loud, and take them in for a moment, right now.  (No time like the present!)

And then you can start having thoughts like

I am good enough

I am beautiful

I am successful

I am happy

I am wealthy

I am healthy

I am abundant

I am joyful.

I amBut to take it further what about “I am insert job that you want“?  For those of you that maybe hate your job or have a day job and are doing something else on the side. When you go to networking events to try and expand your network for the thing you love doing, think of the power of saying “I am a backup singer” (if that’s your chosen vocation) instead of “I’m an accountant and I moonlight as a singer.”  (Unless, of course, you feel powerful in saying that!) The mere placement of the words “I am” before whatever it is you want to do or be, is what sparks your path to being just that!

Lets make 2013 the year of I am.  Start the year off right with some personal BullBusting!


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