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Today’s Lie: The Secret to Getting and Keeping a Man

bull-bootcampThe Bull 3With the launch of “Ready for Love”, everyone on TV with a talk-show seems ga-ga over relationship gurus.  There is no shortage of opinions on “HOW TO GET A MAN” and then, once you snag him, “HOW TO KEEP A MAN.”  (Notice how nobody ever spends loads of time talking about how to get and keep a woman? Or, for that matter, telling a man how to dress, perfume, and behave on a date, at least in public?)

I heard some fun tips, like, “Don’t give a man an ultimatum, give him a man-matum,” which basically means you ask him “What are you going to do about this” rather than saying, “Do it or we’re through!”  We women are supposed to dress sexy, not be too demanding, connect with men by asking them creative questions like, “would you rather be a beer or a wine, and why?” so we can determine whether they are marriage material….Oh, and let’s not forget the long list of don’ts!

  • DON’T be too desperate
  • DON’T be too available
  • DON’T be too clingyperfect girl
  • DON’T be too boring
  • DON’T wear too much makeup
  • DON’T curse
  • DON’T be aggressive
  • DON’T be too independent…

For feck’s sake, who is this “perfect girl” that all these gurus are trying to turn us into?


The BustIf we’re all so busy copying advice from the guru’s, well, shit, we’re all going to end up being the same girl that the guy gets sick of dating.  Can you imagine us all wearing the same dress, 6-inch heels, makeup that’s there but hardly, thong underwear to hide panty-lines, hair perfectly primped, language disemboweled of curse words, and a range of subjects we like to talk about devoid of any “weird stuff”, oh, and “hee hee hee” throw in that occasional compliment about how GREAT and SMART the guy is to cater to his macho side.

Shit, it’s like we’re creating a factory breed of fake woman and perpetuating some false fantasy for men.  NO WONDER men can’t understand women – if we follow the advice of the relationship gurus, we end up behaving like exactly what they want to marry, until they marry us, and then suddenly, we get “comfortable” and finally start “being ourselves” and then we wonder why divorce rates are so high!

big womanSo, instead of following all the advice that will have you end up looking and acting like all the other women following this same advice, behaving like someone you’re not, and hiding “your rough parts” all in the name of snagging a man, how about you try this – BE YOURSELF! Be big, be bold, bring your whole self to the date!  This way, you don’t waste anyone’s time with illusions, AND you allow the right guy to fall in love with the REAL YOU.  Why would you want anything else?


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