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The Passion Paradigm™

The program that helps you tap into your deepest passion and integrity to live more boldly in your life and your work!


joyBased on the core principles of The Personality Based Marketing™ system, this program focuses completely on aligning you with your deepest passion and integrity.  This is a subject I am deeply passionate about, and have been so inspired by my clients that literally seem to wake up from a conscious slumber when they complete the work and are reminded of the wonderful person they are.  It’s magic to see what becomes possible for them in their lives, and in their businesses, as they connect to this part of themselves.



Who Is The Program For?

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You are retiring and you want to figure out “what next?”
  • You realize you’ve “sold your soul” to corporate for so long that you’ve forgotten who you really are, but you know you’re not the pale gray shadow of yourself that you’re being right now
  • You feel like you are sleepwalking through your life and you want to wake up to more joy and fullfillment.  After all, it’s your life, and it should be awesome!
  • You walk away from many situations feeling out of your personal integrity and you’d like to explore ways to align with your personal values
  • You’ve been in an unhappy job or relationship for so long that you feel completely disconnected from “the old you” and you want to reconnect!


What Does the Program Do?

Bull-NEWGirlGraphic-2The program offers you a series of exercises and coaching to reconnect you to the glorious person “you used to be” but aren’t being at this moment of your life.  It was created by Heather, based on the portion of The Personality Based Marketing system which worked so well that people who didn’t want to work on marketing began asking if they could focus purely on the passion piece.  And, voila!  The Passion Paradigm™ was born.









How Does the Program Work?


Heather uses her bizarre blend of skills to help you find the spicy, fun, innocent, beautiful, robust parts of the recipe that makes you, you!  Some of her experience that goes into the program are:

  • Being an Advanced Reiki Practitioner
  • Studying Buddhism
  • Working in Corporate
  • Creativity
  • Handbag and Jewelry design
  • Coaching

There are 3 modules you will complete, working with Heather on your results:

Step 1 – Exploring Passion

passion2This first step is an exploration of the “core you” – we’ll explore what you’re like, at your best, and set the foundation for reconnecting you to the person you know you are at a deep level, and what that will mean for you.








Step 2 – Busting the Bull

fear1The next part of our work will be to explore what’s gotten in your way of being yourself.  And, as I hope you might have learned to expect, there will be BullBusting, with the herd of fear-based bulls that assist in The Personality Based Marketing™ system!







Step 3 – Stepping Into the New You

passion1The final piece of the program focuses entirely on transforming fear into action.  We’ll explore the best ways for you to bust the bull in your way, and stay grounded in the new, awake, wonderful person you are!







How Much Does it Cost?

The program may be completed individually over time, a VIP experience, or in a group, so prices vary.  If you’d like to explore which method is best, schedule a complimentary interview now and we can discuss what is best for you!


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