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The BullBusting Business Kickstarter

This is the right program for you if:

  • You’re starting a business and you’re overwhelmed by all the marketing options and unclear how to best use them to support your business goals
  • You’ve been in business for a while, and you’ve finally decided to move it from a hobby, to your main source of revenue and you need some results, fast, and NOW
  • You’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels at networking events, referral groups, and social media and getting no results from any of them, not even good leads!
  • You want to kickstart your business, and you want to do it as fast as possible.
  • You want a customized action plan based around YOU and someone to hold you accountable to the plan and call out the bull when you’re not!
  • You are ready to make serious money from your business
  • You want a marketing plan based around YOU, with action steps that align with your integrity and your personality


How It Works

This is a 3-month program designed to get you started, getting going.  You should expect to work hard, and work towards a solid objective, and prepare for serious results.  We are going to help you create the momentum you’re missing so that, like a missile, you can take off in your business!  Here are the details of what’s included:

We start with a 90 minute VIP foundations session to get to the root of your goals, and your biggest obstacles.  This is where I will present to you your customized marketing plan, based around the pre-work you will do for this session.  You will come away with the BullBusting Business Blueprint to your success.

You will have 3 months (90 days) of BullBusting strategy sessions to help you implement your marketing action plan complete with accountability and any tweaking that needs to happen along the way.

90 days of email, SOS and text message support

business strategy developed around you and delivered to you with step-by-step actions to complete

Business templates to help you track your success

Discounted admission to workshops and products from The BullBuster Cafe



 The Benefits 

  •   Structure – you’ll have a clear plan, and a related set of activities to work towards that plan
  •   Alignment – the work you will do will be aligned with your personality and bring out the greatest you can be, and grow your business
  •   Templates – you’ll get lots of helpful ways to track your clients, your income, and more!
  •   Confidence – you will become comfortable with selling your services, and understand just how well you can do at making your business work predictably
  •   Momentum – perhaps the most important part – you will be doing the work that will help you surge towards a reliable process that gets you clients and income, and creates the continuous flow for them to find you


 What’s Included 

tm-nicheWe’ll jump right into your 90-day marketing plan.  After you complete the required assessments, you will receive a detailed report of your ideal marketing strategy, in line with your immediate goals, and your personality.  Our foundation session will be a review of that plan, and the actions you will be taking to bring you toward the results you want in your business.

Heather will assist you with the implementation and tweaking of that plan as you start your path to success.  You’ll have help when you get stuck, when fear crawls in (for which you will get a fun bullsheet to get the awareness you need to overcome each fear!) and a partner who will cheer you on as you succeed – and help point out your successes when you overlook them!

We’ll cover the ideal ways for you to find clients, how to ask for business, how to set up and price your products, packages and programs, how to make the best use of social media, and delve into how best you can succeed at each of the marketing channels that best suits your goals and your personality.



kyria2“The most impactful business professional I have worked with to build my business is Coach Heather. The experience was amazing and transformational.She sets the tone of success with her uncanny way of getting past the excuses. She truly knew how to bust the bull when I was dishing it because she is a great listener.

When I mislabeled ideas, notions, desires she made sure to acknowledge them, to ask more probing questions, and then helped me see them accurately leading me to more powerful self discoveries. She brought my attention to my habit of going A-Z without going through each step. Heather helped clear the way for more action orientated thinking instead of processes thinking….”

Kyria Kalata, Get a Life Too Coaching


yk pic 2. BW“I truly believed that marketing and asking for business was evil or, as Heather puts it, a “Harry Potter-esque” adjective. What I was doing before completing the Personality Based Marketing program was nothing. I didn’t know what to do, and everything about ‘marketing’ felt alien and wrong to me.

Working with Heather helped me to understand myself better and create a marketing strategy that really suited me. I was actually able to connect to my true self and use that in my marketing….”

Yayoi Komiyama, Pet Parent Coaching






How to Decide If It’s Right For You   

The first step is to see if we are a good fit for each other, and determine what your business goals are.  You may use the button below to set up a Business Kickstarter Interview, which must be a MINIMUM of 48 hours from today.  Once you schedule your appointment, you will be emailed a link to a questionnaire which must be completed at least 2 days prior to your appointment time.  I look forward to seeing if this is a good fit for you! 



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