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Storms Suck

Having recently made it through hurricane Sandy, I was reminded of Irene from last year, and it’s somewhat amazing to live in “The City That Never Sleeps” and find that it actually did.  They shut the subway, many were without power, shops were closed, streets were desolate….yes, there are many awful parts of storms like this, not to mention emergency care issues, and the health and safety of our loved ones.  I volunteered by helping bring food and water to people in Coney Island and two weeks after the storm, there is still so much recovery it boggles the mind.  Those still without power, and heat, and hot water are truly the brave among us.

However, the reason “Storms Suck” is on my lie of the day list, is because there is another side to these events that is actually beautiful.  Human connection.

Storms, you see, bring together friends and family in ways that might not otherwise happen.  Friends from all over the world contacted me to be sure I was safe.  I received emails, text messages, phone calls, and Facebook posts.  Many were from friends whose timezone differences make connection difficult, and for others, their busy lives don’t always permit this beautiful connection, so I am thankful to have had it.

The other fun part of the storm is clustering for safety! I stayed with my mom and step-dad for the storm and not only did we toast the evening with an aperitif, but we also caught up on all the episodes of Grimm we had missed over a month, prompting my step-dad to say, “Today’s been a Grimm day,” bud-um-bum!

The other beautiful spirit called forth was volunteering – amazing people from all different backgrounds and cultures coming together to help those in need.  There are so many people wanting to volunteer that many are even turned away.  Too many volunteers?  Wow.  Perhaps, in the end, storms highlight the beauty of human spirit, showing us that, on a basic level, we want to help one another survive and thrive.

I am not making light of those that suffered power losses, dangerous conditions, damaged homes, and other travesties.  I am merely pointing out that awful conditions have a bright side, too – bringing together friends and family.


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