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BullBusting VIP Day

This is the right program for you if:

  • You just want to get it done already!
  • You want to just jump in, take a deep dive, and get 3 months of action done in 1 day
  • You want to come away with a Blueprint of activities aligned to your goals that will help you bust some serious BS and start making some serious money in your business
  • You are ready to shift your mindset around money and success and commit to different actions that will get you going in the right direction


 How It Works

This is a VIP Day where we roll up our sleeves and get to serious work on your business.  It’s ideal for someone who is too busy (or too impatient) to work on actions over time, and would prefer to take a deep dive and get 3 months of results in one day.  You should expect to be challenged, be prepared, and be ready to get to work.

Here are the details of what’s included:

We start with a Full Day VIP session to get to the root of your goals, and your biggest obstacles.  This is where I will present to you your customized marketing plan, based around the pre-work you will do for this session, and then we will dive right in to brainstorming and finding the gaps detracting from your success, and come up with the actions that lead to the results you are looking for.

You will have 1 follow-up strategy session to help you implement your marketing action plan complete with accountability and any tweaking that needs to happen along the way.

30 days of email, SOS and text support

business strategy developed around you and delivered to you with step-by-step actions to complete

A money plan – we’ll look at how to organize and track your money, find places to save, and the best tools for you to invest in for your business success

Leave with a BullBusting Business Blueprint with the path to your success.

Discounted admission to workshops and products from The BullBuster Cafe




“The biggest value I got from coaching with Heather was repeatedly going to mining depths I never knew existed. It always surprised me that though Heather has a very practical/goal-oriented side, she has an enormous spiritual side as well. She always helped me see fresh viewpoints and consider new ideas I hadn’t thought of….”

Steve Rozengauz, John of God Healing Trips


“Heather is an excellent coach who has helped me in many different areas of my personal and professional life. She is one of my most trusted advisors with whom I consult with regularly. I rely on her expertise and knowledge and her coaching has helped me see things clearly when I have been unable to see them myself.

Ellyn Small Enisman, College to Career Coaching






 How to Decide If It’s Right For You   

This program takes serious commitment.  So, you’ll want to make sure that you have both the time to devote to the work we will generate together for your success, and that you are ready to be successful.  If the answer is yes (and I hope it is!) then please use the button below to set up a BullBusting Strategy Session, which must be a MINIMUM of 48 hours from today.  Once you schedule your appointment, you will be emailed a link to a questionnaire which must be completed at least 2 days prior to your appointment time.  We will take a look at your business goals, and determine whether this is the right program for you. I look forward to working with you! 


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