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Marketing Shouldn't Be Such a Pain In The A$$

Whether you're just starting your business or you've been at it a long time, marketing plays a big role in your success.  Marketing helps perspective customers learn about your business and your offer.  If you don't have customers, you don't get paid, and then you have no business.  

The problem is, for many people, marketing ends up looking something like this:


What if you could ENJOY marketing, and find your unique way of using the right channels, YOUR way?

After going through the programs that didn't work, and trying to figure out how to use marketing the same way everyone else does, here's what I figured out. The problem is not the marketing.  It lies in our connection to our passion.

Passion is the key ingredient for us to thrive as business owners and entrepreneurs.  My experience has led me to understand some very simple concepts about why some business owners don't do their marketing (even when they know they should!):


  • You are not passionately connected to what  you are marketing
  • You are not excited about how  you are marketing
  • Your vibrant personality is not shining through in your business

I created the Personality Based Marketing™ system to help you tap into YOUR passion and create a custom-fit marketing strategy

What Is Personality Based Marketing™?

This is a program that aligns you with your passion, taps into your marketing personality, and helps you integrate them into your strategy for business success. My goal is to help you stand out in the field of other business owners that do something similar, attract more clients, and earn more money.  Sound good?

The overall mission of the program is to explore your business and life vision, the passionate parts of yourself (that you may feel disconnected from), and your marketing personality so that you can combine them ALL into a marketing strategy based around you.  Clients say that the unique part of this program is that it allows them to express and integrate their personal needs and values into their business, contributing to more excitement and direction about their marketing and their business.


Who Is Personality Based Marketing™ For?

It's ideal for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, or small businesses in any industry.  Because of my background (I speak 6 languages and have lived in 4 foreign countries) I also work with Expats and Accompanying Spouses looking to build a business in the US and navigate the different sales and marketing processes.  Here are some of the problems the program addresses:


  • You know you should be doing marketing activities but you aren't
  • You have tried marketing, but it doesn't get you the results you want
  • You think selling is manipulative, evil, or some other Harry Potteresque adjective
  • You need some creative juice for your marketing strategy
  • You don't know how to distinguish yourself from everyone else
  • You're struggling to find excitement when talking about your business
  • You're thinking about hiring a web designer or social media expert, but when you talk to them they just "don't get what you need"


How is the Program Offered and How Long Does It Take?

The program is offered in 3 formats:

  • Individual – Do the entire program at your pace, on your schedule – we can go as quickly or slowly as you need
  • Group – Work with a peer group which meets every other week, apart from your individual sessions
  • VIP – You will receive pre-work, based on the full program, and then Heather will spend a half or full day helping you create the right marketing strategy for your business 

What's the Value of the Program?

Many of my clients say things like, "I didn't know marketing could be exciting!". "I had no idea marketing could be so easy!" "I had a huge personal epiphany and am surprised that work in this program brought me to this valuable personal breakthrough."  The Personality Based Marketing™ system gives you a strategy custom-fit to who you are, how you live, and what you want to accomplish.  After all, how can you develop a great marketing strategy if you're going through a personal crisis and your plan doesn't take that into account?  You will develop a marketing plan around your FULL life.
You come away with an understanding of what's important to you, what's been holding you back  (BULLBUSTING!), how to transform the blocks, and how to design a marketing plan that inspires you.  Your marketing plan ends up looking more like this:


Don’t Take My Word For It

I truly believed that marketing and asking for business was evil or, as Heather puts it, a “Harry Potter-esque” adjective. What I was doing before completing the Personality Based Marketing program was nothing. I didn’t know what to do, and everything about ‘marketing’ felt alien and wrong to me.

Working with Heather helped me to understand myself better and create a marketing strategy that really suited me.  I was actually able to connect to my true self and use that in my marketing. And, when you finish the program Heather gives you a picture of the ‘transformation bull’ you need to remind you to stay passionate. Mine was the ‘courage bull’, so I can always be “Rebel” me.

Thank you, Heather!!!.”

Yayoi Komiyama

ACC and Owner of Pet Parent Coaching

Completing Heather’s Personality-Based Marketing Program gave me a great opportunity to revisit my uneasiness with promoting my coaching services and gain deep insight into what comes naturally to me, and what takes unpleasant effort to accomplish.

Through her practical concepts and unique perspective, Heather designed a customized sales and marketing process for me that is better aligned with my personality and values than the traditional methods. Heather’s suggestions and action plan help me stay in integrity with who I am while engaging in business development activities.

I recommend Heather’s Personality-Based Marketing Program to anyone who is looking for a way to promote their products or services in a way that is in flow with their personality..

Marian Olah

MBA, CPC, ACC, Leadership & Talent Development Coach for Introverts, The Center for Reflective Leadership

“Working with you has been an inspiration.  It tapped into the part of my personality that loves people. The Passion work is so powerful and resonates with everything I do now.  It's easier to make shifts with the right Teacher.  As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Thank you for being a teacher and a motivator.

The Personality Based Marketing program helped me bust out of my own way to become more energized and engaged with work and life.

Thank you!”

Maria Vizzi

Marketing Director, and co-Founder Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside The Personality Based Marketing™ System

  • A binder complete with templates and action steps for each module of the program as well as live coaching time with Heather, aka The BullBuster, to guide you through each phase
  • Session 1 - Your Energy Essence - We will review your business, what's important to you, and get a sense of what makes you, YOU!  I'll share with you the energy and traits integral to your personality, your authenticity and your business success.
  • Session 2 - Your Vision - Seeing Beyond the Bull. The next part of the journey is to step boldly into the vision you have for your business.  Of course, as you set your business vision, you’ll need to incorporate other parts of your life, so we’ll explore what’s really important to you and what you deeply desire in your business, your marketing, and beyond!  
  • Step 3 - The Gaps - Sitting With the Bull.  Ah, the glorious bull-sitting step!  Reminds me of the time I jumped over a fence into a field of cows and met a bull….but I digress.  This step is where you’ll get really honest about what’s missing in your current business and marketing strategy.  You’ll have a chance to see what’s missing in your current situation relative to the vision you’ve set. We’ll explore the current strategies you’ve been using and explore your goals and priorities.
  • Step 4 - Your Passion - Finding Yourself in the Herd.  Next we need to find the “old you”!  This is where your passion comes out to play.  However, for many of us, it’s gotten stuck behind years of bad experiences and fears so we have to shake it up and welcome him/her back to the party.  This is the PASSION piece!  We get to find that “old self” that’s been hiding in the background and bring him/her up to the surface to become integrally involved in your marketing.
  • Step 5 - Your Fears - Confront the Bull.  Who among us doesn’t just LOVE admitting we have bull to bust?  Ah, the joy of deep honesty and authenticity.  In this step, you’ll get real about the fears that have lent themselves to the gap between the business of your vision, and where your business is NOW.  Don’t get scared – there will be a herd of bulls to guide you and make you laugh as you go through this part of the journey!
  • Step 6 - Creating Action - Transform the Bull. Once you’ve gotten in touch with what’s holding you back, it’s time to transform fears into action!  This part is a lot of fun, and a new herd of transformational bulls will be on deck to help you shift the way you’ve been doing business.  Get ready to laugh, get creative, and playful as you develop the path to your success.
  • Step 7 - Get Personal.  Finally, you’ll do a personality assessment – this is a very specific way to see yourself and match your style to the right marketing strategies.  You’ll get a feel for what kinds of marketing are best fitted to your unique personality. It will focus in on the aspects essential to marketing and allow you to get deeply honest about what activities you love and hate, while honoring who you are in the process.
  • The Final Round.  After you’ve fleshed out the basics, we will meet, privately, for an electric BullBusting session where we put your plan into action and stomp out any last minute bull that tries to crash our party!

    Approximately one month after we’re complete, we’ll have a check-in session to make sure you’re feeling on track, and address any gaps that have arisen in the implementation of your marketing plan.

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My goal is your satisfaction.  Contact me for details for the money-back guarantee as it pertains to the individual and group programs.

I look forward to personally guide you to attract more clients and make more revenue in your business!

Beset Regards,

Heather Markel