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Today’s Lie: My Past Determines My Future

past and futureThe Bull 3Throughout our lives, we pile up experiences that we use as justification for what will happen in our future. For example:

  • If your family struggled with money, you may have the belief that money is a struggle
  • If you were teased as a kid and a social misfit, you may believe that no matter what you do, you’re a social misfit, so there is no point trying to be social
  • If you tried to launch a business and it failed, you may decide that you are a failure at business and give up trying
  • If you grew up with the idea reinforced that you don’t have to try so hard because you won’t succeed past a certain point, you may see your future this way as well.
  • If you screwed up a major business proposal or presentation, you might use this as a reason to give up ever doing another one
  • If all your relationships up to this point sucked, or ended up in heart break, you can end up lowering your expectations so you are prepared to have your heart broken and keep being ready to meet more jerks in the future.


The BustOur past experiences absolutely DO impact our future. But HOW they impact us is OUR choice! Often times, our past becomes used as a sense of security for us. In the comfort of our past experience, we can use that to simply live comfortably in our future. We can avoid the risk of change, and also avoid the risk of terrible failure or great success, because we choose the stable middle ground that we know instead.

This works both ways! You are probably thinking of all the hard places in your life up to this point, and thinking about how on earth you can step out of believing circumstances can get better. But, let’s say you have a proven past of SUCCESS with, say, investing money and getting big returns. So, you continue to invest, just as you have up to this point, and then BOOM, you lose a huge chunk of change. So, in that case, you would clearly see how relying on your past track record might not be such a good idea all the time.

change future

Then, you might be able to make the next step – your past has simply given you a belief system that you are “stuck” to at this point. If you applied a little disolvent to that figurative glue, you might start opening to the understanding that if you change your belief system, you can also change your future.

Here is more fuel for you. The future has not happened yet! I appreciate that it’s comforting and powerful to think that you are psychic. And, I’m sure that some of you are, or have been, at moments in your life! So, if up to now, you have accurately predicted your future, from past moments…..let me say that better – if you can recall moments in your past, where you made a decision, or took an action, based on past experience and your belief system….and you proved yourself correct, then, you just proved that your beliefs are absolutely in control of your future!!!

successWhen you understand this, you understand that you are responsible for the creation and manifestation of what you want, or do not want, and that you have the power to create and manifest what you really want! And THAT is true BullBusting in action. :-)

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