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Most People Don’t, So You Won’t

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Has anyone explained to you that the crazy idea you have is a bad one because “most people” don’t succeed at it?  Growing up, I had that ingrained in me – that “most people” don’t get rich, make it as an actor, get their book published, have their life pan out exactly as they want it…..what complete bullshit! 

First off, who is this “most people” that I let people refer to when telling them about me and my dreams?  Why are they talking about “most people” when I am giving my passionate diatribe on the rhyme and reason of my “madness”? 

Why is it that just because a statistical analysis has shown that only 1 – 2% of people “make it as an actor” that you or I couldn’t fall into that percentage if we gave our time, dedication, and passion?  Just because “most authors” don’t end up with a published book like “Harry Potter” why does that mean yours won’t?

I believe the truth is, If you compare yourself with most people, and are trying to be like most people, you’ll talk yourself right out of becoming the person that does become the 1 – 2% of people that do succeed, get rich off their crazy idea, and live the life of your dreams.  This “most people” logic is the perfect one to use if you plan NOT to succeed.  It’s the perfect way to talk you out of trying, or, if you do try, to half-ass your attempts since you’re planning, and envisioning, ending up like “most people.”

My question is, why are you thinking this way?  What if you are the 1% that will succeed, how can you give up on yourself?  You may be destined to get rich off your idea, publish that blockbuster novel, or catapult to the best actor, so why listen to the people that don’t believe it’s possible?  After all, aren’t the heros of the stories and movies we love the most based around the character that, against all odds, with everyone saying “no” “not a good idea” “you’ll never make it”….goes for it anyway? 

Today’s call to action is – stop living in fear, grab the bull by the balls and be the superhero of your own life!  Give it 100% of your effort and dedication to see if it’s meant to be.  And, if you’re reading this article and feel you’ve already tried really hard and “failed”, then write down everything you’ve done, and everything you’ve tried, and try a different approach that you haven’t before.

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