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Life is Difficult

complainThe Bull 3We say life is tough. But it seems like we find difficulty even when things are simpler….

  • Before Alexander Graham Bell, you could only talk to people within shouting distance.  Now, you can speak to virtually anyone, anywhere, any time.  (But we still shout!)
  • Our medicine system has improved tremendously.
  • People used to farm off the earth and now we have supermarkets.
  • There used to be nothing to do but talk and eventually perhaps paint and now we can watch TV and go to the movies.
  • We’ve wiped out boredom with the iPhone.
  • If you were a fashion conscious woman, you had to tie a corset around yourself, and nowadays you can wear anything you like, and if you don’t see it, you can probably create it.
  • We used to barter and now we have cash and credit cards.
  • Traveling used to involve your feet walking one in front of the other and now we have cars and boots and trains and planes.

The BustLife hasn’t gotten more difficult, we have simply maintained our thought process of believing life is tough, no matter what happens.  Rather than focusing on the simplicity we’ve created, we instead find comfort in complaining about the hardships we face.

Cell phones mean we can be reachable any where, any time, so we end up working more.  (Life is tough.)

We notice that planes and trains are always delayed (life is tough) rather than appreciating that we can spend time with dear friends and family no matter where on earth they are.

We find boredom in the fact that we have over 200 channels on cable TV, but nothing interests us.  free

We blame the creation of credit cards for causing us to spend beyond our means, as if that is the fault of the rectangular piece of plastic.

So, it seems that the issue is not that life is difficult, but, rather, we focus on the difficulties life presents to us as justification to call life a tough thing.  Perhaps, instead, with each advancing technology, new idea, new storm…..we could try to direct our thoughts to how much easier we have it now in many ways, and that, in turn, might allow us to appreciate what we have just a little bit more.


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