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It’s Not Easy

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I met someone recently at an event, and in less than 5 minutes, whenever he discussed his work, he told me, “it’s not easy”.  Whenever he said it, he looked dejected, a sort of blank stare overtook his face, and I felt like he was fading into some invisible shell.  So, the third time he said this phrase to me, I told him,

“you know, that’s the third time you’ve told me it’s not easy.  Did you want it to be difficult?” 

Happily, he didn’t slap me or throw his drink at me!  He did, instead, look like he was slapped with a realization of how he had been perceiving his life. And, it looked like he was woken up from a deep sleep, ready to move to something greater. 

I have to wonder if some of us aren’t proud to carry around “it’s not easy” like a literal ball and chain to help us put up with how tough things are, and then feel good about sitting around dejected feeling we can’t change anything because “it’s not easy”. 

The “it’s not easy” motto is excellent to use if you want to spend hours watching TV instead of making cold calls to see if you can develop a business opportunity.  I mean, why bother, since “it’s not easy?”  It’s also a perfect way to avoid improving or changing anything in the relationship you’re now unhappy in.  Since “it’s not easy,” I guess you should just put up with being unhappy…. 

Carrying “It’s not Easy” in your subconscious thoughts is like being a 300 pound cop trying to run down a thief skating away on roller blades….you’ll run, and you’ll really want to catch the thief, but at some point, you’ll realize “it’s not easy” and rather than get in your cop car and overtake the rapid robber, you’ll stop running, grab a donut, and call for backup. If you’re trying to start, or maintain, a business, “it’s not easy” can help you take a long time to get things done, avoid risks, and, eventually, give up.  Is that what you want?

The question is, do you WANT your work, your life, your relationship…to be easy?  Then how about thinking “it’s easy” – because I’ll bet, if you had to put your mind to an easy path to what you want, you’d probably find it.  

So, you’re call to action is – if you have read or listened to this podcast and realize you’re carrying around your own form of the “it’s not easy” motto, change it right now!  Say out loud, right now, “it’s easy!”  Begin to think about, “if it were easy, how would I do this?”  And stand by for the answer!


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