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It’s Bad To Be Sad

sadThe Bull 3

Media and medicine would have us believe that a state of sadness is to be avoided at all costs.  If tears and emotion hit you, please, stay indoors, do not attempt to operate heavy machinery, and be on the lookout for mood swings and thoughts of suicide…..Not to be confused with the side effects of the medication prescribed by your doctor or therapist, who you felt the need to see in an effort to rid yourself of your sad emotions, which could result in blindness, loss of intelligence, inability to fold origami, piles of dirty dishes sitting in your sink, or a full body rash.

It’s no wonder with all the TV ads and feelings of being judged, that if you find yourself feeling sad, or depressed, you either run and hide, or find a drug to become addicted to.  And, of course, it’s more socially acceptable, apparently, to go blind, lose all muscle control or think of suicide, than it is to normalize feeling sad…..Notice how it’s only news when someone is sad and in drama, but we hardly ever hear drama about someone being happy?  No drama, no news!


The BustI often wonder about this paradox – that those of us who walk around devoid of emotional expression are more “normal” than those of us who express sadness.  We are human, the point is, we FEEL.  Feelings are sometimes good, and sometimes, they suck.  Bad and sad things happen.  Is it because your friends and your doctor think you’ve taken too long to express sadness that this means you need drugs?

It seems to me that some people are more in touch with their feelings than others.  If emotions are “inappropriate” or “scary” to you, I supposed you’d decide that people who express them need to be medicated so that your world can feel normal.  However, maybe it’s the people in touch with their sadness that are truly the “normal” ones!

emotionHere’s the thing that we’re missing – we need to get in touch with our sad feelings to understand what makes us happy!  Sad emotions help us know and get in touch with what’s important to us, what we truly want to  fill our life with joy, and sometimes it’s just about empathy and compassion.  Without allowing ourselves and our friends to experience sadness, we lose out on the potential to experience true joy.

So, the next time you are sad, instead of avoiding or suppressing your feelings, try asking yourself what would bring you joy?  And, if it’s a person that doesn’t feel the same way about you, then get in touch with how you want SOMEONE to feel about you so you know what to start looking out for.

Got some bull you want busted?  Submit it by clicking here and I’ll make a future blog post about it.


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