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I’m Stuck in My Life

I recently saw the film “The Sessions”.  (Go, if you haven’t been yet!)  If you’re not familiar with it, the story centers around Mark O’Brien, who contracted polio as a child, and is bound to an iron lung for survival.  You will have to see the movie to learn the rest, but today’s lie of the day focuses on those of us who believe we are stuck.

“The Sessions,” for me, was both inspiring, and made me really angry.  Here is a man who, truly, is paralyzed.  And yet, while he could have given up, and given in, to his disease, he instead chose a path of courage.

It made me realize how many of us who are not paralyzed in our bodies, come to believe we are paralyzed in our lives.

We get stuck believing:

  • We can’t quit our jobs to do what we love
  • We can’t get enough money
  • We can’t be happy in relationships
  • We can’t travel to distant lands
  • We can’t lose weight
  • Our craziest ideas will never succeed

I know you can add your own “I can’t”s to this list – the point is, “The Sessions” made me angry at myself for all the excuses I’ve ever made about what I can’t do, seeing someone who, truly, was paralyzed in his life go after a supposedly impossible goal, and succeed.

Many of us without physical disabilities have done quite a job creating emotional and mental disabilities in their place.

That’s what all these dis-empowering beliefs are to me – emotional disabilities.

And so, today’s call to action is to transform your emotional disability into inspiration.  Because, if you challenge your disability, you will inspire everyone around you.  Think about it, when someone with no limbs climbs mount Kilimanjaro, or someone in an iron lung achieves the impossible (see the movie!) it makes us think about the challenges in our own lives and gives us a chance to view those challenges in a different way.

So, think about your so-called “challenges” and the excuses you’ve created as “disabilities” and ask yourself, what is one literal or figurative step you can take, today, to render this challenge a courageous action instead?


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