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I’m Stuck in My Crappy Job

This post is for those of you out there who use the phrase “I hate my job” several times a week.  I am offering this as BOTH a podcast, and a written edition, so take your pick!!!  (Scroll to the bottom of this post to access the podcast player, or find it on iTunes!)

The more I see out there about the big changes and calamity in the world, benefits getting worse, health coverage even for working people declining, and so forth, it makes me wonder, is there not a bigger message here?  A lot of people work in jobs and claim they hate them.  However, they have felt strapped to them because of benefits. Salary, health, retirement.

Salaries in many cases are not increasing at the same rate as inflation.

Health coverage is getting worse, and employees are paying more and more out of pocket.

Retirement – who knows if many of us will even see our Social Security benefit kick in, and 401k plans aren’t a guarantee.

Maybe all of this is supposed to poke us in the eye and wake us up…..maybe all of this is a GOOD thing.

And, maybe I’m just crazy, but it seems to me, under the theory of “things happen for a reason”, there is a potentially huge wake-up call going on.  

As those benefits go away, doesn’t that just remove one of your biggest obstacles to finding work you love? 

Because, if the benefits are what’s keeping you tied down, your bonds are weakening.  Perhaps it’s time to start asking yourself, “What’s really keeping me in this job I hate that I can’t recreate doing something I love?”

Do you really think you can’t find another way to get paid?  If you were laid off, wouldn’t you start thinking more creatively?  If so, why wait till that day when you can start thinking creatively right NOW and begin forging your path?  Do you honestly believe that the thing you’ve been doing the past year, ten years, or even 40 years, is the ONLY way to succeed? Maybe it’s time to update your thoughts.

So, today’s call to action is to start arming yourself with information that can help you make a positive change in your life.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Make a list of everything that is making you believe you are tied to a job you hate. (Salary? health benefits? retirement savings?….)
  2. For each item on that list, research other ways you can create those benefits.  So, for example, how could you pay for health benefits if not through your job – perhaps turning to your local church/synagogue etc, or joining something like the Freelancer’s Union could offer you additional benefits.  If it’s retirement savings, research IRAs and other investments and at the very least, put aside 2 – 6% of your current income into an account that you could then transfer to an IRA or other investment after your research is complete.
  3. Get in touch with what you LOVE doing and figure out how to do it.  If that’s working for a different company, start getting informational interviews there so you know what you need to do to get a job there.  If you’re an entrepreneur, brainstorm some ideas to get your business started.  If it’s a huge career change, look into what you need to get the education to be able to make the change….

The point is, universal signs seem to be pointing towards you doing something you love, so get started right now!



  1. Great article Heather. I lost my nearly 20 year career in sales with a Fortune 200 company during this current economic downturn and can relate to everything you are saying.

    I currently sell group insurance and I see exactly what you are saying each and everyday at the businesses I call upon.

    Its very sad that people are so terrified of finally taking control of their own lives and their own financial destinies.

    I see this dismal economy as a blessing in disguise where people have a chance to rediscover themselves and begin a life that they can truly be passionate about.

    Thanks for the post. I re-posted it on my blog. I hope you don’t mind.

    Be Well.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your comment, and for mentioning me on your blog, appreciate it!
      I agree – we have been so conditioned that “corporate is it” and “I will be lost without that corporate job” that, sadly, we give up on trying to follow our passion into something fulfilling that can also be profitable and even turn into something more luctrative and successful than a corporate career!
      That’s the spirit – I’m glad you are following the blessing to success – I’ll be cheering you from the sidelines! :-)


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