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I Never Accomplish Anything

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I recently realized I had gotten into a habit of beating myself up for all the stuff I didn’t get done.  I pointed out to myself that I neglected to clean off my dining table, hadn’t gotten very far on designing my website, didn’t make an appointment to get my hair cut…, it’s so damn easy to find all that stuff I didn’t get around to!

The list got longer and longer, and I found myself feeling pretty demotivated.  What kind of person doesn’t get their hair cut, after all?  And, how lazy am I that I didn’t finish my website yet?

Hey, any of this crappy line of thinking sound familiar?  If it does, then you know how much it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I finally got so damn tired of beating myself up, that I decided to prove myself wrong.  I went to Staples (for any of you reading this from another country, that’s our local Office Supply retail chain) and bought a Weekly calendar, and I used it to create a

Done List

(Yes, it’s so important, I had to put that in it’s own box!)  The Done List is NOT about writing down what you have yet to get done, and checking it off.  NO NO NO, all those reminders were not what I wanted.  Instead, at the end of each day, I have been writing down what I got done!  In other words, all my accomplishments for the day.  Let me give you a few from the past week, because I am now really proud of myself, and I feel like sharing:

  • Coached 4 clients
  • Updated a part of my website that I just could not figure out how to do, and finally figured out!
  • Went to Zumba class twice
  • Had a girl’s sleepover party!!
  • Saved $700 on a medical bill! Holy shit, I still can’t believe that one.
  • Enjoyed a lunchtime walk in the park with two friends

My list for the week is MUCH longer, and I eagerly approach each evening now, with what I got done.  And, despite what you think, it is not difficult!  Sometimes, I might be celebrating watching TV or reading a book, sometimes, I am honoring a positive step towards a difficulty in my life.  I got to see that I am making time in my life for fun, well-being, work, and fulfillment – leaving me feeling more balanced, and more inspired to keep accomplishing more.

So, today’s call to action is – get out there and create your own Done List!  It can be in any form you wish – on the computer, a piece of paper, a dry-erase board, a calendar… – just spend each evening writing down the accomplishments you got done today.  It can be one thing, it can be many, there are no rules.  It can be “big” or “small”, alone or with someone – anything that allows you to realize you rock and you kick ass, and keep doing it!


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