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Today’s Lie: I Have to Write a Blog Post Every Week

The Bull 3If you’re a blogger you’ve no doubt found yourself pressured to write about something once a week, maybe even multiple times. Heaven forbid someone comes to your site expecting fresh content and you haven’t written anything for a couple of weeks, and they might never return!  And, since everyone else seems to do it, you have a lot of competition to beat out!  Don’t you just hate when it’s the day before your weekly post is due and you realize you’ve got nothing prepared, and now that you’re stressed out about it, your mind goes blank, and you turn to drink, TV, staring at the wall….


Blog notes on Laptop

The Bust

It’s your blog, write when you want to!  Yes, there is some truth to readers wanting fresh content, however, the world will not end if you don’t publish content every week.  In fact, I would argue, there are a few, tiny, things that are more important than your blog:

  • Your Business.  If you’re a business owner, you should be more preoccupied with revenue-generating activities than whether you wrote a blog post this week.
  • Your Friends and Family.  Need I say more?
  • Your Health.  Get out there and do some exercise, if your body is not in good health, it will become harder to write blogs!

Why not write a bunch of blog posts when you feel inspired to write them, and then go easier on yourself in the moments you don’t?  Then you’ll always write an awesome blog post, whenever you get to it…

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