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I Have to Rush

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You ever catch yourself running down the street at break-neck speed?  You ever graze someone running past them, or, full-on smack into them, and not even apologize because “you’re in a rush” and everyone else should understand?

I have frequently caught myself RACING (usually in comfortable shoes, at least) to make a subway, run errands, meet a friend, get to an appointment….almost inevitably, instead of setting a “rushing world record” or tying myself for first place in the “fastest dash to the drugstore, coffee shop, supermarket, and bank marathon” I end up doing any of the following:

  • Twisting my ankle
  • Cursing at all the idiots in front of me whose hair is covering the eyes on the back of their head, preventing them from having the courtesy to notice that I’m in a rush, and thus not get out of my f$&^ing way
  • Nearly getting hit by a car
  • leaving my purse open and losing an important paper (funny story – I once lost my legally stamped DBA [Doing Business As] form racing for the subway.  I learned this only because some man phoned me up later that day to tell me that he had found a legal-looking document with my name, address and phone number that he thought was important enough I may want it back. Now, of course, losing something with your name and contact information does create the opportunity to meet the man of your dreams!…or be stalked…so if you like that kind of thing, rushing down the street with an open purse may be a good option for you)

I convince myself that it is absolutely required that I rush because, if I don’t, I would quite possibly – risk being late, miss the start of my favorite TV show, be rude to a friend, never ever get my errand done because the world might end……The point is, I can find any plethora of excuses to require me to rush, and every time I do it, I promise myself never to rush again!  And then I do, about an hour later….It reminds me of those times we pray to the porcelain god and swear never EVER to drink that much again, and, well, you know how it goes.


The BustIf we took a moment to realize that we are the idiot that created the need to rush, we’d realize we could set ourselves up for a more peaceful day!

If you know the subway is “always packed” and you moan bitterly (like I do) that it’s always delayed, here’s a thought, LEAVE EARLIER!  If you have lots of errands you have to get done, try zenprioritizing them.  If, after you prioritize them, you realize you may end up rushing, figure out which one or two items can wait till tomorrow.  Seriously, there is at least one item on your list that can wait till tomorrow!  Or, maybe you can live without the tomatoes your dinner recipe was supposed to have.

Most importantly – have you noticed that you may find yourself rushing in one of two primary situations?

  1. You finally have time to yourself, which you don’t know when you’ll have again, so you cram as many items on your to-do-list as possible
  2. You are trying to do things on someone else’s schedule than your own

So, perhaps the real message that rushing carries is – MAKE MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF!  Rushing is just what happens when you miss that message.  And, the sooner you pick up the message, the less likely it is that you will have swollen ankles or get the middle finger from passerby. ;-)


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