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I Have to Live a Normal Life to Be Successful

 Today’s post is on a subject I feel very passionate about; the notion that we all have to be the same, or be like most people, in order to feel good about ourselves, or to fit in.

I’m reading a fantastic book by Sir Ken Robinson, called “The Element” – which is only furthering my Bullbusting campaign!  It’s so nice to feel understood in a book, and to learn that this notion that we all need to be the same comes right from our education system, and what Sir Ken Robinson tells you in this book will blow your mind!  (It certainly blew mine away, and it may take me a while to find all the pieces!)

So, listen in as I bust through the bull on the idea we have to live a normal life to be successful.  In the end, I believe that the more we try to be like everyone else, the less likely we will stand out enough to be successful, so let’s make the effort to be successful in our own, unique ways.







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