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I Can’t Talk to Steve Jobs…

…in person, anyways, but that’s not the point of today’s Lie of the Day.  How many times in your life have you had an opportunity – perhaps to talk to someone, or to apply for a competition, or a job, or meet someone – and you talked yourself out of it with phrases like “I can’t talk to them, they’re famous,” “There’s no point applying for the competition.  It’s too much work, and I won’t win anyways,” “Why meet them, they won’t like me or I won’t like them,”….and so forth?

This is a true story of mine, to illustrate why “seizing the day” and “Grabbing the Bull” are important skills!  I’m publishing it today, especially, because today would have been my grandpa’s birthday, if he were still alive, and he definitely inspired me to talk to everyone I could. 

Back in January of this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Apple Campus in California.  I happily accepted.  I got a badge, and a tour.  The tour started in the lobby – it’s huge, with the biggest, most gigantic screen I’ve ever seen, full of amazing Apple products, and apps and I was mesmerized.  Then my guide said to me, “Don’t look, but that’s Steve over there.”  Duh!  Of course I looked.  There was Steve Jobs, sitting on a couch, by himself, in the middle of the Apple lobby. 

“How come no one is talking to him,” I asked.

“They’re too intimidated,” came the reply.

“Is it ok if I go talk to him?” I asked.

“Um, sure, let me just go to the other side of the lobby so I can pretend I’m not with you,” my friend replied.

At this point, I looked over at Steve, busily tapping away at his iPhone.  A moment of fear overtook me. 

But then I thought, “How many times in my life will I be in the same room as Steve Jobs?  And, of all those times, how many will I find him ALONE in that room?”

That was enough for me!  I marched over to him, excused myself for interrupting, and told him I loved his products, and thanked him for his innovation.  He looked up, said “thanks,” and went back to his iPhone.  OK, so I didn’t have a lasting impact, but who cares?  Today, I am even more glad that I took this opportunity – to actually have a semi-conversation with such an innovative person that I admired, now that I know if I hadn’t taken that opportunity, it, literally, would never have happened again. 

If this example isn’t powerful enough for you – perhaps there is someone you want to ask out, or someone who asked you out and you haven’t decided yet.  Perhaps you have an opportunity to travel but have to risk a job, perhaps there is an audition you’re talking yourself out of….whatever it is, I hope, for you, that you might have your amazing opportunity come by more than once.  But, what if you didn’t?  Are you willing to live the rest of your life wondering,

“What might have happend if I had only…”?

So, next time you find yourself confronted with an amazing opportunity and realize you are making excuse after excuse about why you can NOT go for it, here are a few tips to bust your bull:

  1. Check in with yourself – what is the fear you are (or are not) expressing, behind those excuses?
  2. Is the fear a valid one, or are you just being a chicken who is full of bull?  (Good analogy, right?  It’s like the pretzel in the M&M….)
  3. What do you imagine, is the worst thing that would happen, if you GO FOR IT?
  4. How would you feel if this were the only chance you’d ever get in your life to do this, and you passed it by?  Can you live with that?
  5. Really, can you live with that?
  6. What, do you think, could be the greatest outcome imagineable, if you do take this opportunity?

Do you have other ideas for a future “Lie of the Day”?  Use the submission button on my blog to suggest it!



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