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I Can’t Talk to Famous People

Today’s Lie of the Day is for any of you that have aspirations in life that guide you to admire other people doing what you eventually want to do.

It might be an actor, a CEO, a sports figure….think about any times you might have wished, “if only I could talk to or meet INSERT FAMOUS PERSON’S NAME I would be so inspired!”  But then, we come up with all sorts of stories, “FAMOUS PERSON is too busy to talk to me.  If I contact them, I’ll only hear back from their fan mail reader, I won’t even get a personal response.  Who do I think I am writing FAMOUS PERSON a message?” and so forth.  You know, just because someone is famous, doesn’t mean they aren’t human.  They might actually enjoy being connected to you, and, many famous people worked really hard to get where they are, so it could be an absolute honor to them to know they have inspired you – why are you taking that joy away?

When I was younger, one of the first career’s I thought of was to be a Freelance Writer.  I loved funny writing, and Dave Barry was a huge inspiration for me.  So, I thought, “what better person to ask than Dave Barry himself, about how to make it in funny freelance writing?”  So I did.  And here is what I got back:












It sure looks like it was written by him, and even if it was not, do you have any idea how inspiring it was to get this letter?  The person I admired the most in this field actually gave me some advice – it was short, simple, to the point, and very useable, too!  My inner happy came to life with this response, and it taught me that there is no reason to talk myself out of reaching out to famous people.

So, when I saw Janeane Garofalo in a bar one night, I went and talked to her on the way out and thanked her for inspiring me.  She shook my hand, introduced herself, and thanked me for letting her know.

I thought of a joint venture idea with Barbara Corcoran (Real Estate Mogul, among other credits) and emailed her my idea.  Guess what?  She emailed me back, the same day (!), and said she loved my idea, though had moved on from her role.  How cool is that?!

So, do you get the message yet?  YES YOU CAN – you CAN go ahead and reach out to people that inspire you, no matter how big and famous you think they are in comparison to you.  You might just end up a bit more inspired yourself, and who knows where that can lead you?  :-)


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