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I Can’t Stop Shopping

This post is for all the shopaholics out there!  You know who you are, and I have been one myself on many an occasion as most of my friends can attest! ;-)

For those of you that resonate with this post, I’m talking about those times you get sucked into believing you must have everything you see.  You are a genius at creating very valid reasons why that gorgeous dress needs to be in your closet just in case your cousin’s best friend’s boyfriend’s sister has that party that’s across the country in that really cool home.  Or, how about the shoes to go with the dress you might need, and some jewelry, and maybe a new flat screen TV….you get the point.

Over-shopping may come from moments of depression, moments of euphoria, or just plain avoidance of your financial situation and goals.  The problem is, after you over-shop, you end up with feelings of guilt, remorse, and worse yet, credit card debt that can take months, or years, to pay off.

On my recent trip to Paris, I found myself at risk of stepping back into my all too familiar over-shopping pattern.  This time, however, I had actually PLANNED for the expense and that meant whenever I was tempted to buy clothes in New York, I asked myself “Do I want this, or do I want the money for shopping in Paris instead?”  Paris won every time.  However, near the end of my Paris trip, temptation was growing, and I happened upon a really interesting way to stop myself from over-shopping.  So, I pass the tip on to you.

You’ve probably heard about talking to your higher self?  The part of you that is intricately wiser and all-knowing?  Well, then you’ll like this – instead of talking to your higher self, talk to your older self!  Mine came to me out of nowhere, and as I contemplated a purchase, she said,

Thanks a lot for taking that money out of our retirement!

BOOM!  That really hit me – that this pretty sweater I was thinking of buying could impact my retirement.  My inner old lady wagged her index finger at me, and I had a vision of her holding a blanket over her head because I had blown our heating budget on this sweater….Then it became easy to put it down, store my wallet, and move on.

So, I offer this strategy to those of you who may be financially challenged, or who are building a business and struggling to curb expenses.  Use it any time you feel sucked into the over-spending mode, or are confused about whether to make a purchase:

  1. Visualize. If visualization is not easy for you, then find somewhere to sit and close your eyes, and imagine yourself as an old person.  Get as clear a picture as possible of how you look – your face, where you are living (is it big, small? How is it furnished? Do you live alone, share a place….?)
  2. Request. Ask your older self how he/she feels about this purchase.
  3. Listen. What answer do you get? Does your older self get worried and upset about your current purchase, or are they supportive of it?
  4. Feel. Now that you have your answer, you can listen to your own gut and heart and determine if this purchase is in the integrity of your life goals.
  5. Decide. Armed with your answer, and your feelings, you can determine whether or not this purchase is in your integrity and make the right choice for you!

Interested in more ways to align your life with your financial and business goals?  Set up a complimentary session to make them a reality!


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