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I Can’t Sing

This is a true story about me singing karaoke at a bar in California, and what I learned by confronting one of my biggest fears!

If my other podcasts about excuses to hold yourself back from doing something haven’t sunk in yet, you’ll definitely want to listen to this one.  If you can’t see the podcast, then just hit the title of this blog post to access the full post, where you will find the audio player.

Hope you enjoy it!



  1. Hi Heather, love the post! Great vocal variety in your speech – wish you’d have given us a taste of the song. ;-) The lie I’m currently talking myself out of involves showing and/or acting out “attitude” during Zumba, hip hop, and kick boxong gym classes. “It’s a workout, that’s it ” has the potential to turn into “yeah man, this is how you shake it!” The latter? SO much more fun. Thanks for calling it!!

    • Hi Doris, glad you like it! I am embarassed to admit, the video of me singing is out there someplace, so I can show it to you next time you’re in NYC if I can find it, lol! Zumba is not a workout, it’s a SPAZ out! And I mean that in the most fun of fun ways. You let your body do the dancing, turn your mind off, stop looking in the mirror, and let whatever happens, happen! I was admiring the woman last week in my zumba class who did all the exercises in the exact opposite direction of the rest of the class. Literally dancing to her own beat, good for her!

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