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I Can’t Read Books On An eBook Reader

I know my “Lie of the Day” tends to focus on internal issues, but dammit, it’s my blog, and I thought, especially with the holiday season upon us, maybe some of you out there are having this debate with yourselves, too.  Or, maybe you’re getting one, and you’re not sure whether or not to jump for joy.

So, today I am going to bust through my own bull on eBook readers!


I’ve taken a staunch stand AGAINST eReaders for a long time.  I had thoughts like:

“I like turning pages, I won’t like the reading experience of those damn eBook readers.”

“I’m on my computer every darn day, enough reading from technology, I need to give my eyes a rest!”

“Why would I want to buy a black and white (pseudo) gadget in the 21st century?”

“Eee-gads,” (yes, I really did type that) “I don’t need to make my bag heavier than it already is carrying this thing around.”

So, for a long time, I kept on buying books, piling them on my shelves, and bitching about all the clutter I have from books, among other things, until I couldn’t stand it any more.  My book collection was getting so hazardous, I was afraid the Director of “Hoarders” might come to my door and ask if they could film my apartment for one of their shows.

In November, I caved, and I bought a Nook.  It took a lot of research – should I go the Amazon or the Barnes and Noble route, which reader should I buy, which had more books available, and which one did I like best, among other criterion.

I decided on the Nook Simple Touch.  Yes, it’s black and white.  It did two things for me, one of which I hadn’t considered:

  1. Allowed me to read from a “machine” without hurting my eyes – it’s amazing, it’s just like reading from a book, but better, especially because I can change the text size and actually make reading MORE comfortable on my eyes!
  2. Avoid being distracted by all the freaking movies, apps, internet, email and so forth that pervade every other piece of technology I own.  Now I can actually just READ, and focus on it!

But, in owning the eReader, a lot more miracles have happened:

  • I have been able to appease my A.D.D. reading style – I am always starting one book, and jumping to another one mid-stream, and feeling guilty about it.  Now, I can read 5 books at the same time, guilt free, and easily switch between publications.
  • The eReader remembers what page I was on in each and every book I’ve started.
  • I can highlight passages in books and find them EASILY without having to flip through the book a gazillion times, or having to wreck it with post-it notes
  • The Director of “Hoarders” won’t speak to me anymore because I’m getting rid of so many books that my apartment doesn’t have enough clutter to be a candidate for the show.  And, I’m making enough money from selling my books that I can probably afford a steak dinner or two in addition to buying some eBooks!

AND, suprisingly, I LOVE the reading experience of swiping to the next page, or pressing the bar on the side of the screen.  You know what the best part is?  I feel like I’m constantly speed reading!  Since the text is larger, it takes about 3 swipes to cover one page, but I go through each page so quickly that I have the impression I have become a more skillful reader!  I just love zipping along the pages that I want to keep going, plus, I can easily figure out how many more pages are in the chapter I’m reading, without the annoyance of flipping forward and figuring it out – just tap the screen and I’m at the table of contents!

And, the whole thing, with the cute little cover I bought for it, weighs so little I hardly notice it in my bag.

So, it turns out, I CAN read books on an eBook Reader, and, I’m liking it even better than the traditional reading method.

Happy holidays to all, and maybe this will help you as you consider last minute gift ideas!



  1. Hi Heather, congratulations on your new BullBusting site, What a great idea!

    I resisted the lure of the e-reader for a long time, too. I love books. I love the way they look and feel and smell, I love turning the pages, I love the whole tactile experience. So when we started trying to get rid of stuff a few years ago in preparation for an eventual overseas move, I started slowly.

    First I bought myself a used Palm Pilot to see if I could stomach the reading-on-a-gadget experience. After one airplane trip and a stay that would have normally seen me lugging 5 or 6 books with me, I decided I could. Then I bought an Amazon Kindle. And I found it was every bit as good as reading a regular book except for a few things:

    1. It was lighter. An arm injury (damaged muscles that connect to the rotator cuff) cleared up. Who knew that holding all those big, fat, wonderful books was causing the problem?
    2. I could read more comfortably by enlarging the font if I was tired or in a low-light situation. I could even read at the eye doctor’s after they took away my glasses to check them — I just cranked the font up to humongous and off I went.
    3. I could carry a book, or 10 or 20, with me at all times and it/they only weighed a few ounces.
    4. It was a conversation starter. I don’t know how many times people would come over and talk to me because they were curious about my Kindle. Met some very nice people that way.

    I’m now on my 2nd Kindle, and still loving it. All the best,Susanna

    • Hi Susanna!

      Thanks for the awesome comment. Wow, I remember the Palm Pilot, and if you can read on that, you can read on anything, lol!

      I love your added points – wow, sorry about the rotator cuff, and so glad it got better. I also know what you mean about conversation starter. I had a hillarious “one-up” conversation with a man that had bought the Kindle version of my Nook Simple Touch, and we were each declaring why we felt our eReader was better. That is, until he said, “Well, I got mine for only $130!” and I replied, “I got mine online on Black Friday for $79.” That ended the conversation. ;-o

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