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I Can’t Lose Weight

“If I had a dollar for every time I hear this one…” seriously, the better question is when do I NOT hear this?

We are a society consumed with losing weight, and I’m not even sure that we all need to.  However, it’s true, we do want to live healthier, and keeping our weight in check is an important part of this strategy.

The problem is, once we reach, shall we say, a certain age (and that age varies for most of us, right?!) losing weight ain’t so simple.  As a kid, I’d eat spinach for a week and lose 10 pounds.  Now, a bite of spinach adds an inch to my waistline. 

So, what do we do to lose weight:

  • We go to the gym… least once a….week?….couple of weeks?…..month……when we have time
  • We buy home exercise videos we don’t get to
  • We claim to be eating healthy, but manage to sneak in some chips, or cookies, or chocolate now and again, and it’s often now
  • We commiserate with our friends, and feel validated about why our diet is not working
  • We join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, lose a few pounds, and then either cannot lose another ounce, or pile it all back on….

Here’s the thing – all that crap above is “the same old, same old.”  We then become convinced that we can’t lose the weight.  After all, we are doing EVERYTHING possible to lose weight, and it’s just not working.  (Meanwhile, if we’re really honest with ourselves, we’d admit that we are not actually adhering fully to our diets and exercise program and take the responsibility to change that!)  The more these supposed weight-loss strategies DON’T work, the more validation we feel to eat that piece of chocolate..

“If I’m not losing weight anyways, why deprive myself of something I want?”

But, did you ever notice that when you head to, say a spa, or sometimes a great vacation where you walked a lot, rode a bike, or swam, that you did lose weight?  And, did you ever take a moment to say, “I lost so much weight on my vacation, it’s crazy!  Oh, wait, so, doesn’t that prove that I CAN lose weight?”

I have to wonder if, since we’re a society that gets bored really fast, maybe we should think of our bodies as an extension of our thoughts – so, maybe our bodies simply get bored of “the same old, same old”!  Clearly, when you change it up, your body is inspired, and lightens up, literally, since your thoughts and emotions did, too!  And, when you’re at a spa, and you focus every day on losing weight and you actually adhere to a stricter regimen, you notice you lose weight there, too, right?  I get that you might not have 4 hours a day in your “real life” to focus on a regimen!  But, stop telling yourself you can’t do it, because you’ve just proved the opposite while at the spa!

So, here are my BullBusting tips on how to lose weight:

  1. Stop the bullshit phrase you over-run, called, “I can’t lose weight” and replace it with “I can lose weight:
  2. If you think you’ve “done everything” – come up with a new idea!  Your “everything” list, I doubt, really includes everything.  Have you run up and down your staircase for 20 minutes?  Have you tried walking or bike riding to do your errands instead of driving?  Have you thrown out ALL the junk food in your house, even what you sneak in as only half junk food?  Seriously, if I came to your house, checked every nook and cranny, would I catch you red-handed? 
  3. Cut out the excuses.  Yes, yes, I know you have work, a family, a busy social life, committments, obligations….so does everyone else!  Instead of focusing on where you can’t work out, focus on where you can.  If that means cutting out an hour from something else, ask yourself, does that hour help my health and weight loss goals?  If not, are you willing to re-focus that hour?
  4. Try eating different food.  The best thing you can do is make your own food – it’s the only way you really know what goes into it!  Clean Eating is a great magazine offering recipes with non-processed foods.  I’ve found Ayurvedic food is another excellent resource for feeling great, glowing inside and out, and losing weight.  (Click here for one of my favorite places to get it, if you’re in New York City!)  Don’t have time to cook?

Need some more BullBusting in your life?  Click here and make it happen!


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