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I Can’t Find My Passion

Today’s lie of the day is for all those of you that believe that only some people get to be happy in their jobs because “most people dont’ like their jobs.” What a disempowering thought!

Today’s podcast also features a super, awesome, funtastic, wonderful, big, freaking amazing and FREE kit to get you inspired towards your own passions. Hint – it will not be free forever, so make sure you take advantage!

I hope you’ll listen to the podcast, but either way, just click here to access your free kit!

I wonder how many of you out there have struggled to figure out your calling in life, and feel stuck in the awareness that you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, but you can’t quite figure out what you ARE supposed to do?  Or, maybe you have an idea but can’t put it together?

So, you pretend to be happy at work, and any time you discuss other ideas with friends and family, they present all the reasons why you should NOT pursue your other ideas?

Well, listen in to today’s podcast for some inspiration and then use the FREE passion finder kit to help you figure out where you belong!  No sign-up necessary.

Have a BullBusting good time, and if you can’t see the player for the podcast, please hit the title of this post and you should then find the player.


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