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I Can’t Figure Out How to Use LinkedIn for My Business

Technical BullSocial Media again!  I know how much you love it, so let’s work on making it easier.

The Bull 3


You think LinkedIn is just a networking tool where you upload a photo, put in your experience, and connect with people you know, and people you meet.


The Bust


LinkedIn offers you some important opportunities to showcase your profile, get more visibility, and attract people to what you do.  Check out today’s video for some BullBusting strategies to use in your business!

[Update!  This is so funny – I mention in the video that the toughest part of social media is just keeping up with the changes!  Well, as you watch the video, there is a change LinkedIn JUST made last week!  They removed the “Answers” area – so we all have to stay tuned for what will replace it!]



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