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Today’s Lie: Marketing Has Nothing to Do With Pictures of Cows

The Bull 3Many business owners marketing their businesses are very concerned with finding the right words, and the right medium to share those words, to get their message across.  Words, however, can be a bit verbose.


The BustWords are important, however, if you’re missing out on the images, you’re missing a major boat in marketing!  We’ve already seen Social Media lean into images – Pinterest and Instagram are two leaders in the world of sharing your message through photos.  Those of you that make power point presentations know that one image, is more impactful than a slide full of text.


The impetus for this post was a carton of milk.  For over a year, I have bought the milk shown in this photo. I didn’t think much about it, apart from noticing it has a cute looking cow and said it was organic.


Today, I went to buy a carton, and couldn’t find it anywhere.  Then I realized they had changed their image.  It now looks like this.  This marketing shift really struck me.


The cartoon is nice, but it’s a bit sterile, old-fashioned, and distant.  I’m not sure if the girl is a golfer, and the guy posing for a moment after a rodeo round, but I don’t feel any emotion from it.  With the photo, I see the cows look happy and affectionate – a sign that they like the farmer, and that might just be the cow that gave me the milk in my carton! This carton jumps off the shelf, whereas before it looked like all the others.

I sometimes wonder, with the advent of computers, tablets and technology, whether future generations will be entirely unable to write with a pen, and rely solely on photos as their language, making words obsolete.  OK, that’s a bit extreme!  But, if you’re not catching on to the language of images, you’re going to end up out to pasture. :-o

With this post, I hope to illustrate how important it is to represent your brand, and your messaging with images, whenever possible, and to think about how to connect with your audience through those pictures.

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