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Today’s Lie: Getting Help is More Overwhelming Than Doing it Yourself

The Bull 3This is one of my all time favorites.  Most of the business owners I know (including myself at times) use this as an auto-response whenever I suggest they get some help because they say they are so overwhelmed they can’t handle all the work on their plate, or can’t even get to the real work they enjoy because they are so busy with other work.

In fact, if you go to, that was, years ago, my pride and joy.  Why?  Because I designed the entire thing, start to finish, by myself!  I downloaded a template, and then manually updated every single item on the site between Photoshop and Dreamweaver, all by my lonesome!  I saved thousands of dollars, check! I got to say I did it myself, check! I could customize each page exactly as I wanted it, check!


The BustHere’s the reality about that site.  I spent roughly 60 hours manual labor making that site.   No, that wasn’t over 3 days, that was over more like 3 months.  Each hour of design time was on top of a full time job, and the multiple activities and community service engagements I did.  So, guess what that meant?  I had no time to get clients, let alone work with them!  I spent all my free time behind the computer, being proud of how cool I was for being able to do the work myself, and save money.


Ironically, I was losing money every hour I spent on that site because for the thousands of dollars I might have paid someone else to help me, I could have earned triple that if I had used the time to sell products and get clients.

And that’s the reality – every hour you spend doing labor you hate, or that takes you away from the heart of your business is not only taking your time away from building your business, it could also be done by someone that does it in half the time you do.  So, if you cost $400 an hour, you are losing $400 to answer emails each hour, when you could hire someone else to do that for $100.  Think dollars and sense!

And, in answer to the concern that I hear all the time about:

“.…it will take me longer to explain what I need done to someone else, than just doing it myself…

Pshaw! Here are some tips to get you over that load of bull:

  1. Create a job manual.  Let’s not make this difficult ok?  You can use Word, and you can type out job tasks like “answer phone” “respond to emails”, it’s not rocket science! Under each heading, explain what’s important for the employee to know – what does customer etiquette mean for you?  What are the typical questions they are likely to get from clients, and how do they respond to each of them?  When should they contact you, and what method should they use (email, phone….)  
  2. Stop making excuses about creating a job manual.  No, you will not create it in 5 minutes, but you can write one task per day, and at the end of a week or two be pretty far along. The more you talk yourself out of this step, the longer you will feel overwhelmed without the help you need.
  3. Make job candidates read the manual.  Here is the beauty!  Rather than spending half a job interview explaining all the tasks this person will do, you make them read about that ahead of time and come to your meeting prepared with questions they have about those tasks.  This not only saves you time, but it allows you to explore their attention to detail, how well they understand the language you explain things in and whether you jive in that department, and they might even help you improve your manual!

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