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How Good is Your Business Integrity?

Are You in Good Business Integrity?

Let’s find out! Pick the answer that best describes your response to each question. Enter your email address, and you will receive your Business Integrity Score!

Of course, you need to be honest with yourself to get your true results.

In terms of what you are doing/offering in your business, you
love what you do and feel excited about your business.
feel indifferent – you are neither excited, nor depressed by your business.
hate what you do, and mostly work for a paycheck or because you don’t know what else to do.
When problems and challenges arise in your business, you
leap to action – this is what you live for and you love the chance to improve your business!
have trouble getting motivated, but you do your best.
grab a drink from the well-stocked bar you keep by your desk.
When you think about selling your products and services to people, you
jump for joy at the opportunity!
do it from time to time, but it’s not a primary activity
would rather clean toilets for a living.
When it comes to marketing your business, you
are a whiz and spend 1 or more days each week propelling your business towards success.
are a bit overwhelmed, though you try to do something that seems like marketing at least a couple of times a month.
hide under the covers and hope the marketing monster won’t find you.
Thinking about the rest of your life (friends, family, etc)
you feel mostly balanced, and feel you have enough time to run your business, enjoy your family and friends, and take care of yourself
your business takes priority in your life, and you make a limited amount of time for outside interests
What personal life?
Let’s talk $$!! Looking at your business income, would you say -
you are satisfied or more than satisfied with your income level, though always happy to have more!
you are doing ok, but would like to be earning more
Everything is a struggle – it seems like you are working more than you are being paid
Who are you BEING in your business?
your personality in your business, and the rest of your life is exactly the same, you don’t feel the need to hold back or change for anyone
You can’t be as vibrant in your business as you are outside of it, but you’re mostly the same
Be yourself? what? You’d scare away business and hide behind a business persona that appeals to your customers
Reflecting on your health, would you say -
You are in great health, make time to exercise, go to the doctor, and eat well, and sleep enough
You could lose a few pounds, and sleep more, but you’re doing ok, considering all the work on your plate
Your excercise routine is like your personal life – non-existant.
How do you treat your vendors and your customers?
They are like extended family and you treat them with respect and courtesy, even when there is a problem.
Sometimes you realize you are a bit stressed, and behaved a bit rude, but for the most part you treat them well.
They should be grateful to have you, and you treat them however you feel like it at the time you deal with them.
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