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These are random thoughts that I have on occasion.  Some are completely nuts, others might be interesting – hopefully a few of them make you think, or, even better, laugh!

I need to go to Europe once a month so I can get jet lag which will let me accomplish stuff in the morning rather than sleep.

Why is Happy Hour only 3 hours long?  It should be every hour.

No man is an island….except when he’s swimming and surrounded by water on all sides.

Whomever decided that touch-screens in the back of each seat in an airplane were a good idea, obviously never sat directly in front of a 12-year old video game fanatic.


Trying to define what innovation should look like, and how it should come about kind of defeats the whole purpose of innovation.

Anyone who is nearsighted knows that things are not exactly as they appear.  Is the truth in the blurry images before you, the solid details created with glasses/contacts, or both?

What if all that separates you from your dreams is a temporary crappy, low-paying job and a tiny living space?

The Superbowl proves, once again, that our concept of time is all wrong.  Apparently, 9 minutes is really an hour.

Why pay for bed bugs in a movie theater when you can get them for free?

It can be really tough to take life with a grain of salt, if you’re using the table variety instead of sea salt.

Ever noticed that we can make it through roughly 18 years living at home, and then, as an adult, can barely make it through a weekend at home without feeling we’ve overstayed our welcome?!  ;-o

There is always enough time for that which we make a priority.

If most of the world can agree to move time forward an hour in the latter part of the year, and back one hour in the early part of the year, and Arizona can abstain all together, then time must not exist the way we think it does.

If you say to a friend, “If I don’t see you before you leave, have a nice vacation!” does that mean they have to avoid seeing you to make sure their vacation doesn’t suck?

The greatest part about the invention of the Bluetooth headset is that you can no longer tell the difference between someone talking on their cell phone, and a completely crazy person. Amen, one simple device has made it acceptable for us to be nuts!

It’s so ironic how, when we’re in a situation (e.g. job, relationship, etc) that we’re not happy in, we contemplate horrible things happening to us if we leave it.  But, once we leave said situation, all we remember are the good parts!

The truth is whatever you believe it is.

You don’t know anyone till you meet them.

If you want to attract money to you, just line $100 bills with metallic threads and buy a magnet.

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