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Get Your Bull Bearings

BullGraphicA bountiful bundle of bull busting with coaching and clearing for all!

This is a great way to help you address an area of your life where you feel stuck, friction, stagnant, and dissatisfied. The “Get Your Bull Bearings” program will give you awareness of WHY you are stuck, and then enable you to understand what steps you need to take to get yourself un-stuck, and moving towards a more satisfying life. The program uses a multiple-prong approach to awareness of your current state in life, and the keys to transforming your life into one that fits you better.

Combining coaching with Master BullBuster Heather Markel, and personal energy clearing, along with your 9 Star Ki astrology reading with Environmental Advisor, Franca Giuliani, you will gain an in-depth understanding of patterns that are keeping you mired in muckiness, and how to break these cycles that no longer serve you.

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How to Get Your BullBuster Bearings – What Is It?

This program helps you on many fronts, and was an ideal collaboration to serve our clients. We use 3 different approaches to seeing our clients on many different levels, adding to the power of the program.

1. Coaching/BullBusting

BullBusting is Heather’s coaching style to help you get right to the heart of patterns and thoughts that are current obstacles to the overall goals in your life. Using a values assessment and then coaching sessions that focus on the patterns that come to light working with Franca, we will gain an understanding of how those patterns have served you, and work on ideas that will help you take action on breaking those patterns to obtain the goals you desire. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length, and completed by telephone.


2. Personal Energy Clearing

As humans we have a body. However, we also have layers of personal energy fields that accumulate charges from past experiences and/or traumas. These charges kept in our fields may hinder potential personal growth and perhaps even cause physical ailments. Through energy clearing, the charges can be released and allow the space to open up.

In a personal clearing session, Franca tunes into the energy field, gathers information of existing disturbances, and releases the charges that are appropriate to be released at that point in time. Two of the sessions are recommended to be done during a phone call or Skype session, and two sessions are recommended to be done by Franca remotely. The length of time for each session varies from approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

3. 9 Star Ki Astrology

9 Star Ki is a Chinese astrology that focuses on the year we were born and what that means to us based on an elemental composition. Knowing this information may help one realize their innate potential and strengthens, thus giving them the tools to better deal with what is going on in their lives. Also, life happens in a cycle. Knowing where you are in that cycle and knowing what energies you are experience can better prepare you in your decision making process.

The assessment consists of a write-up and one telephone call or Skype session for explanation

The Get Your Bull Bearings Bundle includes -

  • 1 Values Assessment – Value = $125
  • 2 intense, individual BullBusting sessions of 60 minutes with Heather Markel – Value = $600
  • 9 Star Ki Astrology Reading – Value = $50
  • 4 individual energy clearing sessions with Franca Giuliani – Value = $200
  • 1 closing session with Heather and Franca to make sure your questions are addressed, and to complete everything you learn – Value = $200

Total Value = $1,175, but scroll down to learn about a special introduction package price!

Who We Are

Franca and Heather met in the 90’s (geez, it’s been a long time!) at a Marketing class at NYU. Since then, their friendship has blossomed. Heather refers to Franca as her “friend like the Lucy Liu character in Ally McBeal” because whenever you need something, no matter how random, Franca knows someone who can get you what you need! Franca and Heather share a love for international travel, food, and laughing for any reason whatsoever. They also love serving their clients and are so happy to have found a way to collaborate!

Heather Markel, CPC, BullBuster, Certified Professional Coach and Comedienne, will help you get to the core of what’s keeping you stuck through coaching, compassion, humor, and her no bull attitude. To learn more about her, click here!



Franca Giuliani, Environmental Advisor, will help you understand the blocks in your energy field impacting your personal growth, and help you understand what’s in store for you for the year ahead. Click here to learn more about Franca!



Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I get?

Your individual sessions with us are private – you’ll meet 4 times with Heather, and 4 times with Franca, and then once with both of us. That’s a total of 9 sessions in the package. And, you will also have one, separate, 9 Star Ki Astrology reading.

How do I know if I need to get my bull bearings?

  • You know your life isn’t happening the way you want it to, but you can’t figure out why
  • You are frustrated because you feel imprisoned in the box of your life, and you need help getting out of it
  • You’re in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be the right one, it’s not fulfilling, and you don’t know why
  • You desire to be in a relationship, but can’t seem to find the space in your life, or don’t even consciously think about it
  • You’re in a job or industry that feels unfulfilling, and you’re frustrated, and not sure what to do
  • You have come to the realization that you are blocked in your life, and that the key to unlocking it is understanding of the source of how you’re standing in your own way

How do we meet?

The individual sessions are done via phone, or via Skype, as you prefer. The final session with both Heather and Franca will be done via telephone.

How is coaching and energy clearing done?

The two modalities fit very nicely together. Franca will focus on the unseen energy that may be blocking you from achieving your goals. She will release any energy disturbances to help you become clearer for coaching. Having more of a clean slate helps one be more receptive to the techniques of coaching.

Heather’s work with you will help you take that learning deeper, and help you focus on how to end those patterns and step into a more fulfilling life. She will help you understand what’s been holding you back, and help you be deeply honest with yourself, and your own personal power in your life, so that you can develop a plan centered around your needs to get out of feeling stuck, and into feeling empowered in your life.

What’s the difference between the Get Your Bull Bearings program and BullBuster Boot Camp?

There are several differences:

    1. BullBuster Boot Camp is a very specific program developed by Heather, involving specific exercises and coaching around a single core issue. The program was designed, specifically, for people who feel stuck in a relationship or job they are questioning, and/or feel stuck in a life that doesn’t quite fit, resulting in the feeling they are trying to be someone they aren’t to fit in. Each week you will have an assignment that will bring you through the BullBusting process, intentionally, specifically, and with the goal of having you understand why you’re staying, and whether or not that’s the right decision for you. Boot Camp is for groups, or individuals. You will work directly with Heather. Heather will be engaged with you through the action phase, helping you construct a customized plan and being with you as you implement it.
    2. The Get Your Bull Bearings process is less structured, and allows you to focus on any area of your life in which you feel stuck. In fact, the energy clearing may align you to patterns you aren’t even aware you have. You will be working with 2 different experts, Heather and Franca. You will have a 9 Star Ki astrology reading as part of the process. You will be focused on 2 very different modalities to help you open to opportunities around you leading to personal growth and change.

How much does the Get Your Ball Bearings bundle cost?

As you saw above, the VALUE of this package is over $1,000 – and the result (you gaining awareness of patterns holding you back and busting through them) is priceless!  Here’s what we are offering for the holidays:

The Special BullBusted Bull Bearing package -

  • 1 Values Assessment – Value = $125
  • 2 intense, individual BullBusting sessions of 60 minutes with Heather Markel – Value = $600
  • 9 Star Ki Astrology Reading – Value = $50
  • 4 individual energy clearing sessions with Franca Giuliani – Value = $200
  • 1 closing session with Heather and Franca to make sure your questions are addressed, and to complete everything you learn – Value = $200

Total Value = $1,175, Introduction Price – $600!!!!

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Have more questions? Contact heather at, and Franca at

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