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Are You a Certified Coach?

icflogo07Yes, I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and received my certification from Coaching for Transformation/Leadership That Works, which is an ICF-Accredited coaching program. The ICF (International Coach Federation) maintains a strict code of ethics, and an important system of accreditation. In addition to being a certified coach, I am also an ICF ACC - Associate Certified Coach.

How do you work with clients?

Most of my work with individuals and groups is done via phone or SKYPE which means, as long as we can work out timezone differences, we can work together wherever you are!  If you are located in, or traveling to, New York City, I can meet you in person.

For businesses and corporations we can arrange for me to come on site for an additional travel fee.

How much does it cost to work with you?

The answer depends on several factors:

  • which package you are interested in

  • whether you are doing a group or individual program, or VIP day

  • whether or not we are working live

The best thing to do is book a complimentary session with me so we can discuss your needs in greater detail.

What business and marketing problems do you solve?

I work with small business owners who need help with their marketing for any of the following reasons:

  • you feel your existing plan is old, dull, boring, out-of-date, etc and you're looking for a creative boost

  • you know you should be doing your marketing but you're not

  • you feel overwhelmed by the concept of marketing

  • you aren't feeling connected to the service or product you are marketing

  • you think "sales" is a dirty word and manipulative, so you don't do it

  • you're having trouble distinguishing your business from all the other small business owners that do something similar

What business experience do you have?

A lot!  I have over 20 years corporate experience in sales, marketing and customer service.  In this capacity, I have served Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies to increase profits, lower costs, and find creative ways of doing business.  While in the customer service role, I served as a team lead - gathering feedback from employees on desired changes and improvements in the workplace, and working with management to strategize and implement the changes that resulted in a happier workforce.  I loved it! I am also a Board Member/Director of the New York Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

I have roughly 10 years simultaneous experience with my own businesses.  I started withHeather's Handbags, offering handbags and jewelry, and then branched out to coaching and consulting where I have worked with individuals and small businesses on sales and marketing strategies.

I spent several years as an Expat Coach, via Culture Transition Coaching.  During that time, I started The Expat Coach Association and The Expat Coach Directory, which I still manage today.  Throughout the process I have learned about trademarking, copyrighting, internet marketing, product development, shopping cart software, autoresponders, social media, building websites from scratch, hiring someone to help with my business, and more!

What languages do you coach in?

I offer coaching in English and French.

What makes you different than other marketing and product development coaches and consultants?

First, my strategy.  Rather than simply teach you the 12 best ways to use social media, I target YOU, as an individual, to get to the best marketing plan.  I don't know of anyone else out there that has created a program designed to help you connect to your vision, passion, and personality, and then unite those into a unique marketing plan.  The idea of my program is that every person that does it will come away with different ideas, and a different strategy, because, by nature, you are different than everyone else on the planet!

Second - in case it wasn't obvious, cows and bulls!  I incorporate lots of fun bulls into the process, especially the ones that would otherwise be less fun!  So, you are guaranteed to find some original ways to bust your bull.

What purpose do all the cows and bulls on your website serve?

Well, first, branding!  It's all about the fun play-on-words, and also representative of the "bull" in each of us.

There are two main herds of bulls, and they are most integral to the Personality Based MarketingTM program:

  • Fear-based bulls: these are the ones you may see around the site, and they represent the various fears that hold us back from our passion and potential.  Things like, relationship bull, business bull, perception bull, etc.

  • Transformation-based bulls: in the PBM program, these bulls serve as a beacon of light to help you transform fears into action

Most of all, they are about FUN.  I have loved cows since I was a teenager, and am so happy to finally be able to model my business around them!

Who do you help?

I aim to serve small business owners.  You can be a solopreneur/entrepreneur, or, you may have several people working for you.

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