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Existing Businesses Frustrated By a Lack of Marketing Results

You want more leads, more sales, and more profit.

businessman feel helpless and cry expression on stickerIf you're a business owner who is feeling anguish and frustration because your current marketing strategies aren't getting results, or you've been working really hard to bring your business to the next level of success, but can't seem to find the path to get there, then you're in the right place!

Though you may not be a beginner at marketing, it's normal to reinvent your strategy over time when you stop generating the business you once did.  In fact, it can be really frustrating to "know it all" and find that "none of it works".  You are likely getting frustrated by issues such as: 

Your business is going great, but you want to start marketing some products, and you're not sure what strategies to use

You do a ton of networking and have been doing it for ages, but you're about to give up because you're not getting any clients

  • Your website is not converting visitors into qualified leads
  • You've changed geographies and what worked for you before is no longer serving you in your new geography
  • You're working really hard, but not getting a return on your time investment
  • You're sick and tired of needing to hold down a side job just to pay the bills that the business you're passionate about won't seem to do for you
  • You know you need to change your strategy, but you're not sure how to do it
  • You don't know your competitive edge and feel lost in a sea of other businesses that do the same thing you do
  • You have tried, and failed to see any results, when using every marketing activity that every marketing guru has given you "10 magic steps" to accomplish

Here's How I Can Help You

You Want Fast, Easy and Free

mojo match smallYou want quick, easy-to-follow ideas to help you shift your business and marketing mindset.  Sign up for BullBuster Marketing Strategies to get resources, tips, and inspiration to grow your business.


Learn how your own brand of personal mojo is integral to the right marketing strategy.

You Want Clear and Quick Results


tm-nicheYou want to jump in and get going on your terms. You're looking for structure, know-how and accountability.  Find out which BullBusting program is right for you by completing a request for a complimentary strategy session.  You'll come away with some great strategies, custom fit to your business and your energy, and strategies to implement right now.


Your strategy session will give you:


-  Clarity on what business and marketing strategies are not working for you and why

-  Awareness of the bull that’s been standing in your way up to this point

- A no-bull strategy to help you reach your business goals

Marian Olah

The Center for Reflective Leadership

marian olah 125"Completing Heather’s Personality-Based Marketing Program gave me a great opportunity to revisit my uneasiness with promoting my coaching services and gain deep insight into what comes naturally to me, and what takes unpleasant effort to accomplish.

Through her practical concepts and unique perspective, Heather designed a customized sales and marketing process for me that is better aligned with my personality and values than the traditional methods.

Heather’s suggestions and action plan help me stay in integrity with who I am while engaging in business development activities.

I recommend Heather’s Personality-Based Marketing Program to anyone who is looking for a way to promote their products or services in a way that is in flow with their personality."

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