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Cows Are for Tipping

While I’m out there busting our bull, I thought it was time for me to defend the cows out there! This is a passionate subject for me because I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with cows that I feel it’s important to defend my sacred compadres! And, hey, once in a while, we all need to take life a little less seriously, and I hope this will help.

My very first pet was a cow.  I lived on a farm in France as a teenager and Amazonie, one of the cows, would follow me around and lick me like an overgrown puppy.  Being raised in New York City with parents who are allergic to animals, I didn’t get to have a dog or a cat. So, when Amazonie adopted me as her pal, I was hooked immediately.

So, here is a list of reasons why I adamantly believe that cows should not be tipped:

  • Cows give us milk. Milk gives us calcium which strengthens our bones. Strong bones are good to have when you get older and accidentally drop a 5 pound weight on your little toe.
  • Cows are curious. Curiousity is the root of friendship, conversations, business ventures, creative thinking, imagination, and so much more. How can you tip something that inspires so much?
  • Cows keep the flies away. All day long they attract pesky flies and don’t even have hands to swat them out of their eyes or off their bodies. We should be thanking them for keeping so many flies from annoying us.
  • Cows come in lots of cool colors, the most fun being Normandie cows whose coats have three colors and the spots on their eyes make them look like they are wearing sunglasses. How can you tip something cool enough to have natural sunglasses?
  • Cows are friendly. Have you ever heard of anyone being bit by a cow? I don’t think so!
  • Cows are excellent companions after overcoming shyness.  In fact, a teenager in France walked across the country with his cow, Camomile! 
  • And finally, cows have good taste in music, proven by the video below! Any species that stops to admire music should not be tipped.



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