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Companies Needing International Marketing Expertise

If you’re a business-owner from outside the United States, and realize that you have a ton of opportunity in the US market, but also realize you have no idea how to effectively market your business, you’ve come to the right place!  Or, you may be a US business owner, wanting to reach foreign markets, and unclear of cultures and customs you need to consider.

You may be at the beginning of marketing your business, and realize that the approaches to market and sell your business in the US are more aggressive than you are accustomed to.  Or, you may have an established business, and as you’ve attempted to reach the US market, you’ve learned that your current marketing approaches aren’t working.


Why I’m Uniquely Qualified to Help You:

  •  I speak 6 languages, and have lived, worked and studied in 4 countries.
  • I created The Expat Coach Association and The Expat Coach Directory helping expat coaches around the globe to market their businesses.
  • I have worked for foreign corporations, and alongside expats from other countries, so have a keen understanding of the cultural issues that can come up in business, especially when business activities in the US may conflict with your values.
  • I have the most thorough understanding of the US and French markets, and would be happy to serve your business to be successful in either.


Here’s How I Can Help You Get International Momentum for Your Business:

BullBusting Strategy Session.  This is a chance for us to discuss your business, your goals, and the biggest obstacles you are facing on the international side.  We’ll develop a strategy for you to get started.  The session is complimentary, but does require you to complete a questionnaire at least 48 hours before your session.  You may schedule the “BullBusting Strategy Session” by clicking here.  You will receive instructions for the survey after booking your appointment.  


BullBusting Business Programs.  By enrolling in one of Heather’s programs, you will get in-depth, personalized attention to your business and cultural needs.  We will work together to get clarity on your business goals, and then spend several months together implementing the strategies we discuss, while addressing any cultural/value conflicts that arise so that you can be the most impactful with your marketing and also stay in integrity to your core values.  Contact Heather to learn more.



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