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BullBusting Has Moved! Join me at….

Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in General | 0 comments

Just a quick note – thank you so much for following me on this site.  I just launched a brand new website, so if you want to continue reading my posts, or you are subscribed and want to make sure you still get posts from my site, please CLICK HERE!

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Today’s Lie: Your Dreams Will Never Come True

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in General | 0 comments

The-Bull-3-300x84On my recent vacation I got thinking about dreams.  How many times have you thought, “If only that dream came true…” or, “if only I had enough money, I’d…”  Dreams are what illuminate us, what inspires us, what draws us forward.  And yet, we spend more time making excuses about our dreams than making our dreams.  Time, money, and bust/responsibilities top the list.  (You know that in the past week alone, you’ve said, “I would but I just don’t have the time” or some form of one of these excuses as a reason NOT to do something you actually really want to do!)

The-BustYou see, what I realized is, it’s up to us to MAKE our dreams come true.  A dream doesn’t just magically transpire, a dream comes true because we eliminate all excuses that stand in the way of that dream and then make it happen.  I made a little video I am sharing here, and I’d love to hear how it inspired you, and what dream you will MAKE come true next.  Just comment below.


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Today’s Lie: Your Clothes Have to Match

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in General | 2 comments

The Bull 3I’m not sure where the idea came from, but it seems like there’s a belief out there that your clothes need to match.  As a kid, I used to wear crazy clothes, get teased, and then cry.  Problem was, I grew up having to wear a uniform to school.  I could pick from a navy dress or a navy and white pin-striped dress, and a white shirt.  Wow.  What fun.  So, you can understand that when I was set free in college, with other colors to choose from than navy and white, it was overwhelming.

I was chatting with a friend recently about clothes, and reminiscing about the time I stayed with a friend who had 2 young daughters.  I showed up dressed in lord knows what and was greeted with

“Your shoes don’t match your outfit.”

I replied, “Who said I had to match?”

I was met with an open mouth and silence.  Apparently, the idea of NOT matching was one that was not taught in school.

clothes don't match

Jimmy Neutron Wiki – “The kid who’s clothes don’t match in public”

But, seriously, who said we had to match? It seems to me that matching is about conforming to someone else’s expectation of how we should dress, or trying to please someone that feels scared by the idea of not matching.  Thank goodness, the ideas of fashion and style have evolved so that “weird is normal” – but I think this has a direct reference to business, too.

I think many of us have been conditioned to believe that success comes in a certain way.  Our parents, lovingly, did what they could to set us up for success.  But, they did that in their paradigm.  So, we grew up in uniforms, conditioned to be like everyone else (well, those of us who had to wear uniforms got a message that to fit in we needed to look like everyone else.)  And, even if kids don’t have to wear uniforms, when I look around at high school kids, they look like carbon copies even outside of school – same dress, same heels, same ties, same pant/shirt look.

The BustThen we grow up and start a business.  We look for some training and our first inclination is to copy someone else.  Now, I’m all ears to learn and grow from someone more successful than me.  However, I have come to learn, after trying so hard to fit in and be like everyone else that I am not like, that to truly stand out, I have to be me.  Said in a different way, all I have to do is be me, and I will stand out.  Take that further – if I am myself, my clothes do not always match, and I don’t care.  If I am myself, and my clothes don’t match, and I don’t care that they don’t match, some people aren’t going to accept me.  That’s ok.  Because for every person that finds scorn, there is another person that finds inspiration.  I’d rather be inspirational for being myself, than lost by blending in with the crowd.

How about you?

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Over-Productivity Is Killing Your Business

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in General | 0 comments


Giuseppe Savo, Flickr Creative Commons

If you’re wondering what you need to change in 2015 to get more clients, here’s a hint – YOU ARE WORKING TOO HARD!  Yes, you heard that right – the fact that you are working from 6am – 12am, and allow people to contact you 24×7 is the PROBLEM, not the solution.

The Bull 3I am coming across too many wonderful business owners who want to earn more, but are burning out.  You are tired, but that fatigue is not converting clients – surprise! (Actually, I’m not surprised at all.)  You are “doing it all,” but the seeds you are planting EVERYWHERE are not growing into flowers because you have no time to water all those seeds – there are just too many.  (There I go on one of my metaphors….)

The BustIn fact, it turns out that BUSY is simply helping you avoid doing what you don’t want to do to grow your business.  And, you know what you don’t want to do?  All the stuff that scares you.

The Bull 3You, in your innate brilliance, have overscheduled yourself with busy work like updating your website, posting on social media, writing your book (which you think will be a best seller when it’s published…hopefully by 2018), and developing future programmming.  And, of course, you’re not hiring anyone to help you – again BRILLIANT!  You are simply adding on to your pile of excuses to avoid doing what you need to do to get clients NOW.

Bull-Briefcase-FINALThis is one of the biggest bulls that prevent a business owner from getting clients.  Want to know how to bust this, and the 4 other bulls that are guaranteeing you WON’T get clients this year?  Join me for THE MOJO MATRIX – 5 CRUCIAL KEYS TO BUST THROUGH THE BULL AND BLAZE YOUR WAY TO MORE CLIENTS AND CASH IN 2015!

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New Year’s Resolutions Are a Waste of Time

Posted by on Jan 7, 2015 in Business, General, Inspiration, Marketing, Productivity | 0 comments

new years resolution

(Image by Mark Teasdale, Creative Commons.)

Welcome to 2015!  Don’t you love how a new year inspires you to do new things?  I do, so you know what?  I did not make ANY New Year’s Resolutions.  In fact, I think they are so last century that no one is anymore, lol!  Instead, I stated what I am leaving behind to 2014, and what I am opening up to/creating in 2015.

So, if you’re here, then you’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed up my website a wee-bit with a facelift.  No more hiding BEHIND the bull, it’s time to step out IN FRONT of it and help you do the same, starting right at the top!

Let’s shake up the new year with a wee bit of a different format to my blog, and see where it leads, shall we?  (And may my shake-up inspire you to your own!)

The Bull 3You should make a new year’s resolution.  You do it every year, right?  It’s just one of those things you are supposed to do, and THIS year, you will finally do it, right?  No matter that you haven’t accomplished any of your resolutions for the past 5 years, make that 25 years, this year is DIFFERENT!  And, it’s only January, the clock reset, so you can FINALLY get it done!

The BustCome on!  Stop wasting your time.  Resolutions are so last century.

The Bull 3The main problem is resolutions are mis-named.  According to, the definition of resolution is “the act of resolving something.”  Since when did telling your best friend “THIS YEAR I’m going to stick to my diet” resolve your problem?

The BustNEVER!  Because, we’ve been doing this whole thing wrong.  We’ve been making statements with no effort to then DO something to turn that statement into an action.  Speaking a sentence or two out loud does not actually remedy the problem!  You have to to actually make a plan, execute the plan, and tweak the plan.  So, for 2015, stop making empty statements, and, instead, make actionable plans that roll up to what you want, and get the actions done!

Here are some ideas to help you make 2015 a year you can be proud of:

  1. Close and Open.  If you’re going to make statements to the universe (or your best friend) say what you are letting go of, and what you are creating.


    (Image by Ferran Jordà on Creative Commons)

  2. Write down a vision.  Think about those statements as “10,000 foot views” of what you want to accomplish.  That’s actually your vision.  Don’t leave it floating in your imagination.
  3. Make your vision a reality.  To bring that vision out of your head, and into existing, write down the actions you have to take to realize your vision.  There are likely several actions, and there is undoubtedly a sequence.  Write all of this down.
  4. Check in.  Saying it out loud, and writing it down are not enough.  Put your action list someplace you can look at it and review on a regular basis.  This will stop you from arriving in November and wondering where all the time went, and setting the same damn “resolution” next year.  I suggest you get a “check-in buddy” and ask them to see if you’ve gotten anything on your list done yet.  Don’t have any friends?  Don’t have any reliable friends?  Hire a coach!  (At the very least, they can help you get better friends…. ;-O )

Want a fun action sheet to write and track your visions this year?  Sign up here and I’ll send it to you! Get your 2015 into action!


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Today’s Lie: You Have to Fight Your Cold

Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 in General, Inspiration, Productivity | 4 comments

The Bull 3We are a society conditioned to fight – we fight fevers, colds, the flu, illness, disease….we are supposed to be at peace, and yet we battle every day!  We try all sorts of drugs to fight pain, we want the sickness out of us, and take steps to fight and resist it every moment it’s with us and evacuate it from our bodies (often to replace it with a reaction to the medicine we’re taking.)  Fight, fight, fight.  And what do we end up?  Tired, and still sick.


The BustIMG_1993On my recent trip to Sedona, Arizona, I had a very bizarre experience that caused me to doubt this whole body fighting thing.  I ventured out in the early morning hours to see a beautiful sunrise over the mountains (but I was a wee bit early for it).  It was 23 degrees Fahrenheit and windy.  I persevered, “I’ll wait, dammit, I’m going to see this sun rise!”  I waited, and waited.  About 25 minutes later, chilled, literally, to the bone, I gave up and went inside.  Unfortunately, even after covering myself in blankets, and a hot shower, I still felt the cold in me, and I began to feel ill.  I went to eat some breakfast, feeling the cold’s impact on my body, and tried everything I could to fight it off.  I felt so bad I thought I was coming down with a flu, which I didn’t have time for, and didn’t want.  And then I had this weird thought;

“What if, instead of fighting the cold, I accept that it’s in my body, and I welcome it, and I make it feel at home?”

Even I was weird-ed out by the weirdness of this weird thought! But there it was.  And so, I mentally accepted the cold in my body, and could feel exactly where it was.  Then I gave the cold a mental welcome party.  And then, weirder still, I couldn’t feel the cold anymore, and I simply felt better – perfectly wonderful!  No more cold or flu symptoms, just me.

I’ve heard of sayings like, “the more you resist, the more it persists,” but the clarity of the fight causing me more distress was never so clear.  It was like a battle I gave up – I made peace with myself, rather than war, and in that peace, came healing.

So, I have to wonder, what would it be like if, when we become sick, rather than fighting the symptoms, we accept that we have them, and make peace instead?  Will the simple allowing of the integration of the illness, in turn, allow us to heal ourselves?   Taking this thought further, what about the fighting and struggling we do in our lives and businesses?  What if we instead accept circumstances, rather than fight them, and use road blocks to make different choices – what outcomes then become possible?  If you try it, let me know! :-)

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