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Today’s Lie: Your Internal and External Image Don’t Need to Match

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Business, Expats, Marketing, Productivity | 0 comments

The Bull 3I was recently in Paris (I know, poor me) and came across a store window which I thought was the perfect example of the impact of marketing.  Much of the time, we work really hard on only side of marketing – what I mean is External Image – what people see, how they perceive us and our business, what we are about, what we do, etc.  Often times, we don’t think about INTERNAL marketing – who we are, how we come across, the image our branding and personality convey – and whether the internal and the external images match.


The BustResult – Consumer confusion!  When two messages we put out don’t match, it leaves our consumers confused, unclear, and unsure whether to buy from us.  Let me offer photographic evidence…oooh, serious stuff!


Exhibit A – Inside the store


This department store, once known as a more low-key, middle-of-the-road price place to shop, seems to be trying to upscale.  You can see the Chanel sign, expensive handbags (I could not find any NON designer bags). Inside the fashion was only from top designers, and it was almost impossible to find anything under 200 euros.  Internal Image – classy, expensive, conservative, highbrow, clean, serious.


And now, Exhibit B – Outside the Store:


For an American, this store window might actually be shocking!  I actually had to chuckle, because of the fact that we’d probably never see a non sex-shop store in America do something like this.  Too risque, oooh-la-la!

However, you might now understand, seeing visual evidence, how this image is completely out of alignment with that of the new store, internal image.  External Image – playful, fun, a little naughty, laid back, relaxed, casual.

Seeing just this store window, I would not have assumed the store sold high-end, expensive products, but, rather, items geared to a day-to-day casual lifestyle.

So, you can see that if I were looking for high-end clothing and handbags, I would have walked right by this store, assuming they didn’t have what I want.  Customer and money lost.

Understand the importance of an internal and external image aligning?

BullBusting Challenge: Is YOUR business internal and external image consistent?  Book a free session with The BullBuster to find out!

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Today’s Lie: Risk Leads to Failure

Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Business, Expats, Inspiration, Marketing | 0 comments

The Bull 3It’s an automated response – “What if?

Have you ever noticed that if you have some “insane” (i.e. different) idea, the people closest to you get all clammed up, they hold their breath, their face tightens, their eyes wrinkle, and then, with that intake of air comes all the reasons that you’d be stupid to leave the comfort of what you know for this “crazy” idea you have?

I think the worst is when you have a corporate job, complete with a reliable salary, benefits, and vacation, but dream of doing something that makes you happy full time.  Even though you are miserable, know your potential will never be used fully, you’ll never get more than a 1% raise every year for the next 20 years and eventually won’t be able to afford your rent, your body is achy all the time from sitting in front of your computer, you’re bored, and demotivated, the people that love you the most think you’re totally nuts to leave your job in search of something that make you happy.  


The BustIt feels to me like what’s being said when people try to talk “dreamers” out of their dreams is,

Happiness doesn’t pay the bills.

(And, you know this is complete BS, right?  Ask all the people in the world who went their own way, and are now artists, writers, programmers, or run their own airline, and they will tell you how ridiculous this belief is!) The funny thing is, the people that love you are trying to be helpful with their “What if you end up poor and homeless” concerns and look out for you.  I have even asked a couple “what if-fers” this question:

“Why is your automatic assumption that someone who leaves corporate to pursue, say, their own business, will fail?  How come you don’t assume that person will succeed?  Especially if you believe in them, and their capabilities, why present them with all the reasons to bail out on their dream instead of encouragement?”

believeIronically, they don’t even realize they had the assumption of failure as their lead thought!  It’s apparently just safer to protect those that you care about, rather than encourage them to take risks, especially when your own paradigm doesn’t yet have enough proof that risk leads to success.

My question is, what would the world be like if we all encouraged each other to succeed, instead of pointing out all the areas we might fail?  And that leads me to my BullBusting Challenge:

Over the next week, seek out people – friends, family, strangers! – who have “crazy ideas”.  Look for the people that you believe in, trust, judge as competent and capable.  Talk to them about their “crazy idea” and offer only words of encouragement – tell them you believe in them, and see where your belief inspires them to go!

REMINDER – only 4 days until Passion, Personality and Social Media!  Don’t miss out on your seat!

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Today’s Lie: Your Niche and Target Market Should Revolve Around Money

Posted by on Mar 11, 2014 in Business, Expatriates, Expats, Inspiration, Marketing, Productivity | 2 comments

The Bull 3A lot of “old” teaching around building a business teaches that you should build your business model around money, to be point blank.  Selecting a target market “that can afford your services” and a specialty “that people will pay lots of money for” are the underlying concepts these teachings revolve around.  You might have a great idea, but dammit, who the hell will pay for that, and where will you find them?  If you can’t answer those questions, the teaching goes, you better chuck your target market and niche in the garbage and start again….

The BustIn my experience, the business owners that end up demotivated, frustrated, and disillusioned the fastest are the ones who revolved their business model around that supposed wealthy target market, with a specialty that they would supposedly pay for, and got burnt out on lack of success.  At some point, pushing a business that is around money, you are likely to realize that you have somewhat or completely detached from your passion.  In my book, it should be “passion first, money second”.

low energyThink about it, if you’re not excited and passionate about WHAT you are doing, it comes across.  Your writing is dull, your eyes don’t sparkle in meetings, you procrastinate on important activities, you are tired, possibly in pain or sick, and you need lots of vacation.  Of course, when you LOVE what you do, you’re excited!  You could work 24 hours a day and marvel at how little sleep you need.  Every interaction fires you up to do even more, and people flock to you like metal to a magnet because they want what you have.

People are attracted to your energy first, then to your offer.  If your energy is low, so is your attraction.  If your attraction is low, so are your sales.  Make sense?

tm-nicheI have taken lots of business programs where what I WANT to do is sliced and diced until it fits into some magic box full of some group of people I will miraculously find in a specific room, and when I enter, just because I have catered my offer to them, they are supposedly going to line up and buy from me.  What?  I don’t know about you, but it feels kind of sleazy to walk up to someone because I’ve been told they have money.  Because I am coming from this energy, I then procrastinate on asking for business, because, in reality, I’m not really connected to what I am doing and who I’m doing it for.

For some business owners who are just starting, or who are frustrated with a lack of results, it can be pretty damn frustrating to consider the idea of having to start over.  I’ve done it 3 times, so I get it.  But, continuing to knock on closed doors that don’t open even when your knuckles implode, or doing lots of strategizing without any action isn’t getting your more business, so rather than resist, try a new direction!  There are plenty of people who have done something they love, that was not based on a need, or even the intention of generating income, that ended up with a great business.  There are other people who have created services and products we actually do not need at all, but because they are so cool we WANT one.  Think of yourself – aren’t you often more excited to buy something you WANT versus something you NEED?  I mean, I can easily put off grocery shopping in favor of buying a new iPhone!

So it seems to me there are two options when it comes to selecting and creating your target market and niche:

tmn-money Money Based - Model everything around the money.  Figure out a service or product for which there is a known need, and look for people that can pay for it.



Passion Based - Create a service or product that you’re passionate about, because you are passionate about it, then look for your tribe, your people, and create the demand for it.

There is merit in each model, and I’d even say, in some cases, the principle of targeting money is a more direct path to money.  After all, isn’t that what the corporate model is based on?  But that’s the point, the money-based model is a damn good reason to go work a day job in a corporation where you can check your passion at the door, and pick it up after hours, while you make some big bucks.  If you’re a small business owner, though, why would you create another venture that makes you check your passion at the door?

From what I have seen, the business owners using the Money-Based model, at some point, get really tired, feel disconnected, empty, and sometimes out of integrity.  At some point, the money just runs out, and after years of effort, the idea of starting over seems scary, too big, and too much.  

Passion-based businesses, though, have a way of exciting and invigorating the business owner.  They are the people you presume are part-vampire because there is no other way to explain how they get so much done and they are always smiling and wanting to be of service.  They follow their heart into each venture, so when their heart aligns someplace else, they don’t start over, they simply integrate their new desire into their existing business, and it’s more of a transition, and less of an overhaul.

Working with passion first makes the process of selecting the right people and the right specialties a lot more fun, and, think about it, when you then have to work for the people that buy from you, you will actually enjoy the work, rather than slave away for each buck!

So for those of you that might be wondering how to begin, or how to shift, your marketing strategy, start by asking yourself if your product or service is something you are excited about.  If the answer is YES, then go forth and conquer!  If the answer is NO, then start tapping in to that passion first – a good way to do that is with The Personality Based Marketing program!  Check it out and see if it’s for you.

Tweet your comments using #passionbasedmarketing!

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It’s No Bull – The Importance of Passion

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014 in Business, Inspiration, Marketing, Productivity, Social Media, Video | 2 comments

Today’s blog is no bull!  Check out my interview that’s all about the importance of living and working from what makes us passionate.  And, if you haven’t signed up for Passion Personality and Social Media, hurry and get your ticket!  Time and seats are running out! :-) Eventbrite - Passion Personality and Social Media - Your Keys to Internet Marketing Success


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Today’s Lie: Money Has Value

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Business, Inspiration, Marketing | 0 comments

The Bull 3We give importance and value to money. We go further to say that having a lot of money means that we are accomplished or lucky, and an absence of money means we are unhappy, worried, and unsuccessful.  Oh, and we say that diamonds are valuable, too, and the bigger you get, the more impressive and wealthy you must be.

The BustWhat a crock of crap!  Money is simply a piece of paper or a piece of metal. The only thing that makes that piece of paper or that piece of metal valuable is our belief that it has value.  And diamonds?  Is it because they are shiny and multi-colored that we decided to ascribe value to them? 

Bull-CashCow-FINALIf we can value our selves, and our accomplishments based on the presence, or absence, of paper or metal, which actually have no value, then it’s time that we wake up and use our thoughts on ourselves.  Each of us is infinitely more valuable than the largest value, or the biggest stack of gold bars.  If the entirety of humanity can come to believe that an item has value, then surely we should be able to understand just how powerful our thoughts are, right?  

BullBusting Call to Action:  Right now, if you have any doubts about your own personal value, or the value of what you create, get busy and change your thoughts!  Tap into your own infinite value, and bring your belief in yourself out into the world.


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Today’s Lie: Good Goals Are Action Based

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in Business, Inspiration, Marketing, Productivity | 0 comments

The Bull 3It’s February 18th.  How you making out on those goals and resolutions?  I bet you got a few done, and the rest, if we were talking, you’d tell me “I’m working on it,” or some other variation of “it’s not done yet, but I’m trying to get it done.”  Some goals, I’m certain you will accomplish, but dammit, there are a bunch of them that just are not going to get done.  You can swear to me that they will, and tell me I’m being too harsh and impatient, but you know that you said, “THIS YEAR, I’m getting it done!” at least 5 previous years, and you didn’t.  You know that sometime later this year, you will run out of steam, and after the middle of the year, you will start getting frustrated that you haven’t tacked said goals, and then you will be pining for the New Year to reset the clock and swear, once again, that THIS YEAR you will get it done….(sorry, did I get too far into your brain?) ;-)


The BustMost of us have been trained to set action-based goals.  So, first, figure out what you want:

“Hmmmm, I’d like to lose 10 pounds, and start using social media for my business.”

Then you set some actions:

“To lose weight, I better exercise.  I’ll sign up for a gym, and run twice a week.”

“To start using social media, I have to set up my accounts, I’ll do that.”

hamsterWinter comes, you realize you hate feeling like a hamster on a wheel in a gym, and it’s waaaaay too cold out this winter to run outside, so you’ll just figure that all out when it warms up….and so goes that goal.  You set up accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and you’re all excited!  Then 26 people you went to high school with track you down, and overwhelm you with messages asking you to give them more lives in Candy Crush, nobody replies to anything you put on LinkedIn, and Twitter is just too much information, so you focus on cleaning your house, and make plans to go drinking with friends….end of that goal.

You see, if you have no emotional tie to your goals, then there is really no motivation to get them done.  So, it’s not your actions that are the problem, it’s that you forgot to involve your FEELINGS.  What if you want to lose weight, yes, but you knew that when you made the goal of running twice a week you felt your heart dip, you just told yourself “mind over matter” or some weird mental phrase and thought it would win out.  It didn’t.  Never does.  You have to be able to both connect emotionally to your desired result in a positive way AND feel that same positive energy when you make your goals and actions!

In business, if you hate social media, guess what?  Putting “sign up for social media” on your goal list is actually NOT going to make you get that done!  The REAL goal, perhaps, is to generate opportunity for your business.  And, beyond that, you want the business, because you need to pay bills.  OK, but beyond THAT is the fact that you better be deeply connected to how you are serving the people that become your opportunities because if you are not, then when you generate that business, you’re going to do everything you can to sabotage it, because you’ll hate the work that results from people asking you for help.

stuck with selfSee how you just cannot escape yourself?  Annoying, right?

So, here are some tips that you might use right now to REset this year’s goals so you actually get them done:

  1. Let your feelings tell you if your goal is on target.  Say each goal out loud, and then listen.  Is your body catapulting with excitement at your goal?  Is your heart starting to slide down to your stomach?  Did you pass out?  Pay attention, and recalibrate the goal until your heart sings at the thought of accomplishing your goal.
  2. Get to the WHY.  Make sure you understand WHY you have set each goal.  If it’s just for money, or because someone else is “making you do it” those are probably not going to motivate you into action.  Try tapping into the deeper vision you have that each goal is a part of, so that you’re fully vested in the result.  It’s like your brain is the President of your being, and it needs to engage the employees of the heart in the full picture, or they are going to play video games all day instead of getting to work!
  3. Fess up.  If your feelings about a particular goal or action have changed, rather than beat yourself up, just recalibrate the goal and/or action until it’s more aligned with where you are now.

Need help figuring out if you’re making FEELING-based actions for your business?  Consider working with The BullBuster, or attending the Passion Personality and Social Media workshop to get a taste of how to bring your feelings into your business goals!

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