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Bull is Out, Brilliance is In

new brandI just announced that I’m doing a huge rebrand.  It has taken a lot of thought, courage, and listening to lots of folks to get to the point in my business where I realized that it was time to step into the deeper message I’ve been heading towards.

It all started with the bull.  My bull, I love my bulls!  But they were also my bull.  In the same way that my clients have suffered from things like:

  1. Money Bull.  And, sometimes, it’s not the fear of not enough, it’s the fear of abundance that ends up stopping their profit potential.
  2. Sales Bull. Relying on referrals, and thinking that asking for business is slimey and manipulative.
  3. Perception Bull. Wanting to grow a bigger business, but afraid of becoming bigger – whether that’s around fear of bigger ego, not enough time for self, or not wanting to be perceived as “big” – all show stoppers!
  4. Trust Bull.  Knowing it’s time to hire help, but unable to trust anyone to do the necessary work “in the same way/as well” as you do it yourself.   The list of bull goes on and on….

Out of my focus on the bull, I started seeing something amazing happen.  As my clients confronted, and busted, their bull, they were able to step into a bigger version of themselves, and do some pretty amazing things.  This is what was on the other side of their bull, and it was beautiful to see.  They started doing things like:

  • Having more confidence in their work
  • Raising their rates to align with their increased sense of value
  • Gaining the courage to put together, and lead, speaking events
  • Stepping out and getting more clients more easily

And as I witnessed them growing, always with a sense of joy, encouragement and excitedness, I realized that my own work was bigger than I thought.  Busting the bull, I realized, is simply a leg of the journey I take my clients on.  It’s where we start, but it is by no means where we end.

Where I truly take my clients is to their brilliance.  Busting the bull helps us uncover what that raw, beautiful, brilliance is.  And THAT is where we can really start to get to the results they want, and help them shine all the way to profit.  That point of brilliance is so unique, and special that it offers a unique place for the foundation of each person’s success, and it’s so much bigger than the bull, that I had to actually change my messaging, and my brand image, to really step into the amazing power that is created by you, when you are bold enough to step into your own.

Here are a few things I’ve seen and helped shift along the way:

  • Marketing.  Doing various marketing activities because “everyone else is doing that, so I guess I should too” is not going to grow your business.  Neither is word-of-mouth referrals.  That just puts you in an endless see-saw cycle of too much, or too little, opportunity.  Marketing from your brilliance, however, creates the source of unstoppable profits and opportunities.
  • Confidence.  It doesn’t grow on trees, and it doesn’t happen because you got a new client.  It happens because you focus all your efforts around your core brilliance, and let that become a magnet for the people that absolutely adore your specific energy and brilliance.
  • Money.  It’s not the real struggle.  It’s simply the result of you struggling against your brilliance, or aligning with it.  When your bull is covering your brilliance, you have less money.  When you get your bull out of the way, and let your brilliance lead the way, profit is the unstoppable result.
  • Selling.  Selling for money is what makes sales feel manipulative and evil.  But when you realize you are not exchanging a service for a dollar, but, rather, being paid to share your unique brilliance to make the world a better place, you enter an entirely new paradigm.

I needed to be the mirror of that growth into brilliance, and that’s why I am so excited by what’s about to change, and grow because when you look at this new mirror, I’m hoping you can see your own bigger vision reflected in it.  It is by removing the obstacles to your unique brilliance, and learning how to lead with it, that your business truly becomes the powerful representation of who you are.

In just over a week, we go live with the new site, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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