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Today’s Lie: Being Pooped on is Bad Luck

The Bull 3On my way to the subway recently, just before I got to the entrance, I was smacked in the face by an unfortunately familiar wet feeling.  I removed a kleenex and wiped the expected bird poop from my hair, and, unfortunately, my shirt, my pants…. if I weren’t wearing glasses, it would have been my eye.

We think its a bad thing to be pooped on. A sign of crap reflecting the crap in our lives. And then, we can easily use the incident to spiral and justify feeling victim to all the bad things happening to us in that moment…

bird poop

The BustThink about how many times you’ve been pooped on by a bird. Some of you I’m sure never have. Others, unless you work with or near birds, probably not much.

You have to be standing in the exact place under a bird exactly as it poops and the slightest wind could blow it off course. So you really have to be in the right place at the right time to get pooped on by a bird. Since the odds are so slim that it will happen to you, it must mean that you’re special.

So, I’d like to share with you what I think are the lessons of being crapped on:

  • it’s an occasion to laugh. You just got crapped on! If you’re having a crappy week, then take a moment to step out of the crap and laugh hard! (And if you can’t laugh at it, tell someone else because they will help you see the humor!)
  • crap always shows up in places that make you feel vulnerable. Walking around with your crap is embarrassing but can be a great conversation starter
  • In my city (New York) people don’t notice other people. You will learn what kind of city you live in when you have crap on your face in public.
  • it’s a moment to reflect on personal choice – you can feel victim to the crap in your life, or you can take charge and learn from it and clean it up

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