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The BullBuster Cafe Is:

  1.  A place to get a good laugh when you need it!  Head on over to the blog and Podcasts to hear Heather’s unique take on life, and get a chuckle while gaining some self-empowerment skills.
  2. Strategies to help you bust through the stories in your own life that have kept you stuck in a life that no longer suits you.
  3. A dose of truth that leads to your empowerment by helping you bust through the bull blocking your path to $, business, and healthy relationships.

Why The BullBuster Cafe?

I woke up to the fact that I have spent my entire life trying to fit into a life that didn’t fit me.  After years of therapy, meditation, and more, I did some deep personal work and discovered that I had been subconsciously living my life with two key messages:

“Emotions have no place, try not to display them” and “You are too much, dull it down a bit”.

I was then shocked to realize that I had consciously created a career  in corporate jobs where emotional displays were inappropriate, and where my bosses constantly told me that I was “too much” (participated on calls too much, spoke too much, had too many ideas, etc.)

Then I turned an eye to my relationships and was even more shocked to realize I had chosen partners, and even married one, who needed me to be LESS than I am.  I was constantly told that I am “too much” in my relationships as well.

So, I spent my life, up to the period I had these shocking revelations, trying to be less;  Participate and talk less at work, be less present in my relationship so I didn’t risk becoming too much, and so forth.  It’s no surprise, then, that at a young age, I ended up with arthritis, tendonitis, and 2 herniated discs!

Some truths then began to emerge for me, “I have feelings and emotions and it’s ok to show them!  And, I am enough – I must accept myself as I am!”

Then I got the message. By accepting myself as I am, rather than rejecting myself in favor of what others wanted me to be, I would be able to live my life with more integrity and authenticness.  (I don’t care, it’s my word, I made it up!)  I decided that rather than suffer by trying to fit into the wrong life, it was time for me to pay attention to the BS that pervaded my thoughts and kept me imprisoned in this wrong life.  As I recognized the BS and confronted it, I was able to release it and make powerful, courageous, and sometimes painful, decisions to move myself towards a life that fitsThough it’s not easy, the energy and opportunity that has come to me in making these choices, has filled me with happiness and self-empowerment.

Another area that I came to realize was of great dissatisfaction was my finances.  Though I knew I didn’t have any large debt to worry about, I turned a blind eye to everything else.  My spending habits did not match financial goals, because, I realized, I was dreaming, not setting clear goals.  I went out into the world with “I don’t understand money” as my motto, and that’s what kept happening – me not making any effort to understand money.  So, I began to empower myself with financial wisdom.  Now I can go into the world understanding, “I can understand money and use that understanding to empower myself with financial goal planning” and having this understanding has been amazingly insightful and led me to take back my own financial power.

Ironically, another area that I kept low key because of my bullshit story, “it’s so easy and natural, this can’t be how I empower people” is marketing and business building.  Most of my clients and friends come to me as a source of expertise in starting and running a successful business, and I thought this was just a hobby!  Well, I shined the light on my own BS and realized it’s time to bring my expertise in these areas out into the open so that I can empower small and large businesses to obtain the money and finances they deserve.

Because of my own experience – recognizing paralyzing, subconscious thoughts in my mind that held me back from my personal empowerment, I created a program to help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses get honest about what they want, what’s really in the way, and how to conciously bring in their personality to create a deeply unique business presence and marketing plan.

I hope I can help you step out of indecision and frustration, and into an empowered business, custom-fit for you.

A Little About Me – The Facts

  • I am a Certified Professional Coach and graduated from a program with Leadership That Works and an ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • I served on the board of The New York International Coach Federation for 4 years
  • I am President of a Business Referral Group at The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
  • I am an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, certified by The Center of Living Light
  • I have worked in sales, marketing, and customer service for some huge corporations for over 20 years, even though I had to pipe down!
  • I am older than I look, but if you ask my age, “I am eternally 8 years old”.  I got carded in a restaurant (!), at the table, this year.  I told the waitress not to pass out when she saw my driver’s license.  She looked at the license, looked at me, frowned, then said, “You DO look good for your age.” Thanks?
  • My life-long “curse” of never winning anything that was won via a drawing of names or numbers was recently broken!  At a friend’s wedding in England the summer of 2011, I won a bottle of champagne!  And no, I was not the only wedding guest

More About Me – The Random, Fun Stuff!

I speak 6 languages, well 7 if you count English and American as separate!

Last time I went to Paris and spoke French with the official passport reviewer (they always look a bit like Robert De Niro in Meet the Fokkers – their eye is on you) he said, “you speak French very well.”  I replied, “So do you.”  I’ve never seen an airport official laugh so hard in my life.

To placate my creative side, I make handbags (studied handbag design at F.I.T.!) and jewelry.  Check out some of my Heather’s Handbags designs!


I love cows.  OK, this is basically the most important thing you should know about me.  If you forget everything else, just remember, Heather loves cows!  This all started when, as a teenager, I lived with a French host family on a farm in Normandie.  At the time, I was an only kid who grew up in the wild lack of hills of Manhattan, with no pets.  So, Amazonie, a bovine 5 times as large as me, became my first pet.  She would follow me around and lick me like an overgrown dog.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  Click here to see my article about the host family, the cows, and me with a REALLY BAD HAIRCUT!

I entered a writing contest hosted by New York’s L Magazine a few years ago.  It was a debate over the most romantic movie of all time to take place in New York.  My opponent picked “Splash”.  I chose “King Kong”.  I won. Of course, the live debate that preceded the article helped me seal the deal since I brought a mop-head as a prop (wig) and, well, my opponent picked a lame movie.

I love cows.  French cows from Normandie are my favorites because they are the only ones with 3 colors in their coats, and they look like they are wearing sunglasses.

At one point in my life, I considered comedy writing and was a huge Dave Barry fan.  So, I thought, “who better to get advice from then Dave Barry himself?”  So, I wrote him a letter, and he wrote me back directly!  He is so cool.  A few years later, I read a book about spirit in the workplace.  I enjoyed the book so much, I looked up the author, who worked at Hewlett Packard, and called her.  She became my mentor for a couple of years.  I later found out she was a top Senior Executive, which made her an even better mentor in my eyes. I’m sure this experience is part of what gave me the cahunas to walk up to Steve Jobs when I saw him sitting alone on a couch at an Apple campus a few years ago.  I guess it was a powerful encounter because Apple stock prices went up 12 points the next day.

I also like Jersey cows.  Not because their milk is richer, but rather because they are hands down the most friendly and curious breed I have ever met.  The baby ones think they are puppies, and the adult ones are usually more bold than other breeds when it comes to walking up to me holding my hand out to pet them.

I have a tradition where I have my photo taken with a policeman in every country I visit.  I don’t know when or why I started this tradition, but policeman are very friendly when you want to have your picture taken with them in every country I have done it.  Even in Egypt, where I couldn’t speak their language, they took off their machine guns to pose in the photo with me.  In Germany, I got to sit on a police motorcycle.

My stepdad and mom gave me a birthday gift many years ago of a wonderful trip around Israel.  We had a private guide, so it was just the 3 of us.  I made the guide stop the van every time there were cows so I could take their photo and try to pet them.

The same birthday year as the one above, my dad gave me a gift of a real cow.  It was a 5-year lease on a live cow, which lived on a farm in the Berkshires, and was supposed to earn me interest, like a cash cow.  Sadly, it turned out to be a scam, so I never got to meet my cow.  :-(

I was overjoyed when the Cow Parade came to New York City and I own 26 Cow Parade figurines.

Should you ever be lucky enough to pet a cow, you should know that their tongues feel like sandpaper (great if you have an itch on your hand), and they really like to have their cheeks rubbed, even scratched, as they cannot easily do this themselves, apart from rubbing their face on a tree trunk, or fence, which isn’t nearly as nice as having this done for you.


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